10 Living Room Layouts With A Corner Fireplace To Inspire You

10 Living Room Layouts With A Corner Fireplace To Inspire You

Your living room design may not necessarily have all of the things you want. Walls, windows, and built-in shelving will be out of your control unless you are building a new bespoke home or undertaking an intensive remodel, in which case you will have complete control over their placement. No matter where your fireplace is located, it can still serve your family’s needs. Here are a few tips on how to get the most out of it.

We’ve gathered images and floor plans of 11 living rooms with corner fireplace electric for you to browse through. Organize your living space or select where to position your fireplace while creating a new one with their advice.

1. Side by side

Because of the fireplace’s location, there isn’t much room to curl up in front of it and enjoy the warmth. You can still feel the warmth of the sofa if you place it next to you. But even though it’s hidden in the corner, this fireplace’s mantel is decorated with plants and other particular touches to protect it from being overlooked.

2. A different angle

An angled wall has a fireplace in it. In this living area, seating is arranged around the entertainment center rather than trying to orient the entire room at the same angle as the entertainment center. Family movie night is a breeze with this design, which leaves plenty of room for everyone to gather around a comfortable fireplace and enjoy the warmth and view of a warm fire. You can also use an ottoman as a seat closer to the fire if you choose.

3. Center of attention

Even though it’s built into a wall’s corner, this fireplace is actually in the middle of the space. Enjoy the fireplace from all sides thanks to this ingenious placement.

To create a nice area to sit by the fireplace, the sectional sofa fits wonderfully in one corner of the room. For a modest table and chairs or reading corner, the space adjacent to the patio doors is ideal. The fireplace may be enjoyed from every aspect, regardless of how you opt to furnish the area. The eye-catching color makes it a great statement item.

4. Welcoming connection

Everyone has the best seat in the house with this design. Anywhere you sit in this living area, you’ll be able to enjoy the TV, fireplace, and gorgeous window view at the same time. Even a beautifully adorned Christmas tree can be set up here during the winter months. This rustic living room is a great place to spend a cold winter’s night.

5. Double function

Due to the fact that this corner fireplace can be seen from both sides, a two-sided sofa is a logical choice to frame it. You can optimize your seating options without cluttering your living room with a lot of furniture by investing in a sectional sofa instead of a traditional couch or chair. The size of this area is perfect for the room, and the fireplace is perfectly situated in this section.

6. Focus forward

Despite its location in a corner, this fireplace’s design makes it the focal point of the living area. It’s easy to maximize space with a simple but large sectional sofa, which ensures that everyone in the house has a place to sit and can spend an evening in front of the fire.

There is a huge window in this area, and the decor is kept to a minimum, giving it a light and airy appearance. To create a feeling of light and space, the wood throughout the room, including the fireplace, is painted in light tones.

7. Mix

It’s possible you don’t want your fireplace to be the focus of attention, no matter where it is. As a result, you may want to paint it the same color as the walls, so that it blends in rather than standing out. Furniture that can be moved easily is ideal for those times when you want to huddle up in front of the fireplace instead of ignoring it. The wheels on this sofa are a fascinating feature to note. It’s a great way to keep your room adaptable, as you can alter it whenever you like.

8. Minimal impact

In this living room design, a corner fireplace that is open on both sides is used as an alternative. Rather than staring directly at a fireplace, this portion is placed next to it, minimizing its presence in the room while still providing plenty of areas to enjoy it from any angle.

Your furniture’s orientation will influence how others see the various aspects of your space, so keep that in mind when picking your arrangement to achieve the exact impression and emphasis you desire. In this living area, the fireplace fits in wonderfully with the minimalist theme.

9. Highlights

This living area takes a different approach to design. This is achieved by painting the electric fireplace in a color that contrasts with the walls. Placing them side by side in a room with a fireplace and TV creates a focal point for the space and allows you to offer each other your undivided attention when needed.

10. Modern trends

Custom-built fireplace and bookcase adorn a corner of this living room’s decor. Modern design and contrasting stone in the fireplace make it stand out, even though it is not in the center of the room. Additional storage is provided by the built-in space next to the fireplace while maintaining the clean lines and contemporary style of this modern living room.

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