3 ways to Format a USB stick

3 ways to Format a USB stick

Do you want to remove all data from USB? Then you need to format it with the help of different methods. With this little tutorial, I will show you three simple ways in which you can format your USB memory.

First ways to format USB

First way: This   first way is the best known, plus it is the one that most people use.

There we select the drive to format, and we right-click format.

A box will come out; in that box we click on the start option. (verifying that the fast format option is cheated).

We click on accept. We hope that the computer will tell us “full format”, which means that the USB memory has been formatted successfully.

Second way to format USB

Second way:  In this second way we will do it for the team administrator, and it is the least used way.

We go to where it says team, we right-click it and choose the “manage” option.

A new window opens; on the right side we click on “disk manager”.

In this new window we get all the units that we have available, we place ourselves on the USB memory unit, we right click and format.

There is no warning, we say yes.

Finally we give you accept, and accept. And we wait for the memory to be formatted.

Third way to format USB

Third way: This way is through the command prompt or also called “cmd”, it is one of the safest and most effective ways to format a USB memory.

We are going to start, and in the search option we place the word “cmd” (without quotes), and press the Enter key.

Here a new window will open, which will have a black background color, in this window we put the word “format” (followed by the letter of the drive to be formatted, which can be seen by clicking on start and computer.) Here we go to suppose that the letter of the USB memory is F, then we put “form f:” (without quotes, put the word format, space and followed by the letter of the unit in this case F and a colon). And we press the Enter key.

There we get a warning; we press Enter again.

Here we can only wait for our USB memory to complete 100% and tell us full format. Hope so you understood how to format USB.

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