4 Easy Tips to Keep Kids Learning During Christmas

Kids Learning During Christmas

Christmas is a time of great joy and merriment. Everyone’s surrounded by wonderful food, friends and family. Kids especially look forward to the festive season and wait with bated breath for Santa Claus. They’re busy trying to get off the naughty list and into the good kids’ list to get a present from Santa. In all this excitement and anticipation, all thoughts of learning and schoolwork fly out of the window. So, by the time the holidays are over and the kids are back to school, they’ve forgotten all they had learned.

So, how can you get in some learning during the Christmas break? No child will want to sit for an hour learning things like the multiplication table for kids during Christmas. So, what should a parent do? The answer is to make learning fun and use Christmas-themed activities and worksheets. These fun activities will help kids enjoy themselves and learn at the same time.

Here are 4 easy tips to keep the kids entertained and get some learning in during the Christmas holidays. These simple and fun activities will sneak in some learning for your kids, without interrupting the fun and celebrations.

4 Ways To Get Kids To Learn During Christmas Time

  1. Crafting: Crafting is a great way to keep kids entertained over the holidays. Additionally, including children in activities like Christmas crafts for kids is a great way to sneak in some math learning for kids. You can help kids learn math concepts like measurement, fractions and even shapes. Kids will participate in making Christmas crafts with great enthusiasm. So, help them craft ornaments for the tree or make handmade greeting cards to send to family and friends.
  2. Holiday baking: Who doesn’t love Christmas cookies or mince pies? Christmas is the perfect time to involve your little ones in some holiday baking. Baking is also a wonderful way to teach children about concepts like shapes, fractions, measurement etc. You could also get them to count and sort dry fruits for the mince pies. And not just math lessons, baking holiday cookies in the shape of the letters of the alphabet helps kids recite the alphabet easily. You could also turn it into a fun Chemistry lesson by teaching them about the science behind baking.
  3. Christmas reading: The holidays are the perfect atmosphere for reading and storytelling. Improve your child’s reading skills this Christmas with some Christmas-themed storybooks. To make the activity more fun and engaging, ask the children to tell the story in their own words or enact it in front of the family.
  4. Christmas-themed worksheets: If you’re looking for a way to keep the kids out of your hair for a while, Christmas-themed worksheets are your best bet. Hand the kids some fun Christmas-themed worksheets on math, science or language. These worksheets are sure to keep them occupied and help them learn over the holidays. If the kids don’t want to learn, you can use coloring or drawing worksheets to entice them.

Whether you do just one of these activities or all of them, you’re sure to create some new holiday memories with your child. Additionally, all the learning over the holidays will ensure they’re sharp and ready to get back to school after the break. It’ll help make the transition easier for them too.

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