5 Best App for Gym Workouts

Did you know that there were over 16 million downloads of fitness apps in January this year, alone?

That means that in just one month, many people have joined the revolution of fitness and wellness tech. Whether you’re thinking of working out at home, doing yoga and pilates, or you’re looking specifically for gym workouts, an app could be just the help that you need.

There are so many available to help you achieve your goals, so keep reading to find out which are the best apps for gym workouts.

1. Nike Training Club

Almost 200 different types of workouts, including strength training, cardio, yoga, and mobility drills, are available in this Nike app. You can tailor the app’s plan generation to your preferences by adjusting the number of workouts each week, the type of equipment you’d like to use, and your overall goal.

The app also provides exercise demonstration videos and personalized workout recommendations based on your previous activity data.

2. Strava For Cardio

You can use this app for activities like jogging, swimming, and cycling. With Strava, you can track your advancement and performance over time. You can monitor your speed, altitude, distance traveled, and calories burned, for instance.

In the Strava user community, you track other users and share your progress. To keep you motivated, it also includes a number of pre-planned running and cycling courses as well as monthly challenges and competitions.

Strava is becoming a brand to contend with in the fitness industry, which is proof of why apps are good for business.

3. obé Fitness

With more than 15 different class types, including HIIT, dance cardio, and sculpt, obé Fitness recreates the atmosphere of an upscale group fitness class right in your living room.

In addition to its enormous on-demand library of more than 7,000 sessions, the app offers 20 live classes each day that are filmed in a whimsical neon studio.

Ten minutes to an hour can be the length of your workouts.

4. Sweat App

Sweat is a comprehensive workout software with a variety of plans and recipes to assist you in achieving your objectives. There is a set program available for every woman.

The exercises work with Apple Watch as well. Although there isn’t a free version of the app, new users can join up for a 7-day trial.

5. Peloton App

Although Peloton is most known for its cycling courses, you can access activities from yoga and outdoor running to HIIT and strength with the Peloton digital app.

Take an on-demand class through the app or exercise in real time with qualified teachers and other users from around the world. Peloton lessons have carefully chosen music mixes, which is awesome!

As far as fitness apps go, this one earned its rank in the top five!

Good Luck With Your Gym Workouts!

The app you choose has to not only outline your gym workouts for you, but it should also help you track your progress and set your goals.

Some apps even have push notifications to remind you to drink water, take supplements, and even get moving!

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