5 reasons not to delay your wedding in 2021


The year of 2020 proved to be a total disaster due to the coronavirus pandemic especially in terms of wedding ceremonies. Since large gatherings were prohibited the by UK government all over the country, the couples who were engaged and due to get married had to cancel or postpone their wedding plans indefinitely. To make matters worse, the country experienced a deadly second wave in the early months of 2021, forcing the country to adopt stringent lockdown conditions. However, with the development and distribution of vaccines, the government has slowly started lifting the lockdown rules which has come as a breath of relief for couples planning to get married. With only a few months left for the New Year 2022, here is why we think the engaged couples should get married soon and not delay it for the next year.

You’ve already waited too long

The coronavirus pandemic of 2020 has already made you wait for long enough, so the first chance you get to have a wedding, you should grab it. By now, your fiancée is probably tired of showing off her ring from the collection of engagement rings in hatton garden and wants a wedding ring.  So it’s best to grab the closest opportunity and get married to the love of your life.


Vaccines are being rolled out

One of the major reasons large gatherings were banned by the government is to restrict the spread of infection. With the vaccines being rolled out and administered to the populations, this risk of spread has been reduced to a great extent. Now is a good time to get married among your loved ones who are vaccinated without risking the spread of the virus.

Government is easing restrictions

Since a large number of vaccines are being administered, the number of coronavirus cases is steadily reducing. In the view of this, the UK government is slowly lifting lockdown restrictions and allowing people to gather in small groups. They are also permitting weddings to take place in a small gathering. Hence, getting married now will be a great idea.

Attractive offers by the wedding planners

The businesses associated with weddings were severely hit by the 2020 pandemic. With the government easing restrictions and allowing weddings to take place again, the wedding planners are looking to recover the loss faced by them in 2020. Hence, they are offering exciting discounts to attract customers. Get married now to avail these attractive offers.

You never know when the third wave may hit

Last but not the least, with the unpredictable behaviour of the coronavirus, you never know when the third wave may hit. Hence, get married to the love of your life when you have the chance or you may have to wait indefinitely. Go get that lab grown diamonds rings that you’ve been planning to buy for your partner and place the order for your wedding outfits. Say “I do” before the virus forces you to postpone your wedding yet again.

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