7 Awesome Benefits to Silhouette Window Shade

7 Awesome Benefits to Silhouette Window Shade

Natural light and fresh air are two prerequisites for a home. However, there are times when the strong Sun rays need to be blocked from entering the insides of the rooms.  Window shades in different designs and colors are available for this purpose. 

Among many designs of window shades, silhouette shades are increasingly becoming a popular choice in recent years. 

How Does It Look

Silhouette shades bring about a perfect balance of light control and light permeation. The combined use of soft sheer fabrics and window blinds brings a unique design along with safeguarding from light and heat outside. 

The vanes of the window blinds are made from soft fabrics that can block light and allow light to permeate partially as well. This is a huge takeaway of choice for a customer. 

How Does It Work

There are cords to pull down or retract the shades and hardware fitted to tilt them for maneuvering them. Cordless designs are available with a remote-control switch. With this, you can operate the shades from anywhere in the room. 

Customization Ideas

Every home is different and so the choice of silhouette shades will be singular. If your dream design shade is unavailable then you can speak to your dealer about what you are looking for. 

Here are some of the ways dealers and sellers will customize your requirements. 

  • Give you color choices beyond the usual shade card.
  • A wide range of materials and fabrics is available to choose from. These are synthetic as well as natural. 
  • A roller mechanism can be incorporated for these installations so that you can enjoy the ease of handling them. 
  • There are sheer fabrics available in these shades on both sides. It allows a partial flow of light when you need an illumination glow in the room and not direct sunlight. 

Talk to your dealer freely about your requirements and color or design expectations. They will weave magic for you and deliver the best. 

The 7 Benefits 

There are 7 awesome benefits brought to your home windows with the use of silhouette shades. Here are some of them listed below. 

  • This is the best way to ensure privacy in your home space. Windows are for fresh air and sunshine. You need to enjoy your own home space in your way and for that, it is important to create a barrier with the outdoors.  
  • The next significant benefit is the complete blocking of harsh UV rays of the Sun. As the day progresses the sunrays become stronger and more harmful to the eyes and the skin. Having a shade of protection against it is important. 
  • The use of silhouette shades helps to control the inflow of natural light into the rooms. There are some rooms where this light is welcome but other rooms do not need the excess light. For such rooms, the use of shades brings a shady barrier between the interiors and the light. 
  • A silhouette shade will partially permeate light and this is a great benefit. It is perfect for those rooms that do not need a 100% blackout of natural light. A partial glow gives a warm illumination to a room that makes everything visible without any harshness. 
  • An important benefit comes in the form of child safety. Many installations come with features and accessories that are not child friendly and may cause harm to curious little ones. This shade gives the guarantee of safety when it comes to children. 
  • Choices of design patterns and styles are another benefit. A wide range of colors, designs, and styles are available for different rooms in the house.  You can choose color shades that complement each other even in contrast. 
  • The overall ambiance of your home will be changed for the better. It will be more livable and comforting. The home will look and feel cozier and more relaxing when you are tired and need to rest. 

While selecting silhouette shades is a smart decision, you will need to blend your choice of color and design with other elements of home décor. Cohesiveness is the key to home décor that feels like a home finally.  

Silhouette shade is the perfect answer to your problems in dealing with hot and sunny days. Now you can choose how much sunlight gets into your rooms. Protect the bedrooms and the nursery from the harsh lights and ensure great sleep hours throughout the day. 

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