7 Signs to Visit a Chronic Pain Clinic in Edmonton

Chronic Pain Clinic

Everyday activities go unattended in terms of health issues. The pain in your wrist can seem like a mere stretch or it can also be an underlying condition. Since work from home became the norm, couch potato is no longer a funny idiom but rather a common reality.

Back pain became synonymous with a good workday. These signs are taken very lightly. Don’t fall for the normalcy surrounding them. You need to look for symptoms that indicate serious medical conditions. Then you need to contact the Best Physiotherapy in Edmonton for a proper diagnosis.

Pain in the Lower Back

Lower back can be a very critical point for misalignment and back injuries. For example, if you pick up a 19-liter bottle as a daily chore. One day you get a sharp pain in your lower back, consider it a major sign of trouble. Aging can also lead to backaches. Some jobs give you pain as an occupational hazard. You need to check in with a Chronic Pain Clinic in Edmonton. They will help you with your diagnosis as well as your treatment.  


Overworking can lead to headaches. Then again, so can blinding lights and the overuse of deadening earphones. If you sense frequent headaches through your daily chores, you should be alarmed. Taking painkillers on an everyday basis is like putting a band-aid on an infected cut.

Sure, it will stop the bleed but it won’t be the cure. In some instances, it will cover up the pain. You need to notice this sign as a matter of urgency. Contacting your nearest chiropractor or physiotherapist is highly important.

Pain Clinic for Migraines

These headaches are astronomically painful. They do have a range of hurt but if you live with it long enough, it will be normal. The threshold for pain will increase. If your migraines become recurrent, do not blame them on lights and sound to call it a day, call your physiotherapist immediately. Delaying it will only cause greater issues.

Sports Injury

Every athlete is accustomed to sprains, dislocations, Achilles’ tendon injuries, jumper’s knee or even fractures. Numbing sprays are their life. They get back up and prepare for training again. If you recently faced an injury during play, you need to check-in for Best Physiotherapy in Edmonton. You will get some assurance for your physical state and recovery.

Joint or Muscle Pain

Sprains are very common yet can be extremely painful. For instance, whiplash leads to pain in neck muscles. They throb each time you try to look around. You still find yourself looking around out of habit or conditioning unexpectant of shooting pain each time.

Sharp Pain in Legs

An extra 15 minutes in the gym can cause stiff muscles. Those are very general symptoms. If your day at the gym leads to persistent shooting pain over the course of the week, it is a significant sign. You should call in a professional to test and diagnose you accordingly.

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