Fake Glasses: The Popular Eyewear Trend!

Fake Glasses

Deservedly, glasses have moved past their conventional function of eyesight correction. Today, they are also regarded as a stylish and versatile fashion accessory that go a long way to up your style game.

Owing to the fact that glasses are a highly acclaimed fashion accessory, a recent trend that the eyewear industry has witnessed is consumers taking to fake glasses. 

If you order glasses online, you will come across an extensive range of fake glasses, which are selling like hotcakes.

The name might sound misleading and hence, it becomes imperative for you to understand what fake glasses actually are.

What are fake glasses?

In simple words, glasses which do not have prescription are known as fake glasses. The main role of these non-prescription glasses is that they are used as a fashion accessory. 

There is also a concern among the general public that fake glasses might harm their vision. This is not true, the reason being that there is no prescription fitted in these pairs and they are not used for eyesight correction. If you do require an eyesight correction, you should be looking for prescription glasses instead.

With reglaze glasses around, you can also get your fake glasses updated. If in future, there arises a need for prescription glasses, you can get just your lenses fitted with the required prescription by sending your existing pair of fake glasses for reglazing. The reglaze glasses service not only allows you to make savings but also keep the same frame intact.

By opting for reglazing your fake glasses, you can also get their lenses replaced with that of blue light blocking lenses or even the stylish transition lenses. There are also options for coatings like anti-glare coating and UV protective coating.

Basically, if you ever make up your mind to upgrade your pair of fake glasses, it is simple and hassle-free – thanks to reglaze glasses.

5 most trending styles for fake glasses

Here are the styles that are absolutely incredible and are a testimony to why glasses are referred to as an intimate fashion accessory. 

Metal frame glasses

The solid and sleek structure of the metal frame glasses produce an impact that makes heads turn. If your needs are a little sophisticated, metal frame glasses are ideal for you. You can complement them with various styles – from the decent rectangular glasses to the funky oversized ones. 

Although suitable for all occasions, metal frame glasses are wonderful for your professional needs. These are just ideal for your office.


The sunglasses variants of the wayfarers have a class of their own. But these days, even the clear wayfarers are trending like never before. The unique angular design of the wayfarers – taking a slight deviation from the square frames –  make up for their success. When you put them on, you are bound to stand out. 

You can opt for the basic thick frames or take the playful route by choosing the colourful ones. Wayfarers are truly a versatile style and you can put them on at all occasions and they suit all face shapes – from the roundish ones to those lying towards the angular end. 

Cat-eye glasses

No list of trending eyeglasses can miss out on the classic cat-eye styles. It has always been a massive craze among the ladies. What truly stands out is their upswept ends, which are subtle but bold.

Their popularity comes not only owing to their beautiful design but also because of their versatility. The cat-eye frames have something for all the ladies.

Clear frames

Also known as transparent frame glasses, these elite styles are loaded with elegance. Their glass-like structure highlights your face shapes to perfection, as it doesn’t cause any hindrance to your facial features. 

There are great options to choose from, when it comes to clear frame glasses. You can pick the basic transparent ones or add an element of fun by going for ones that come with light shades of beige, pink, orange, among others.

Tortoiseshell glasses

The raw tortoiseshell shades have influenced the fashion industry in a big way – covering most clothing and accessories. When it comes to glasses, the influence has been profound.

When you put on the tortoiseshell glasses, what you get is an out-of-the-box contrast that goes on to enhance your facial features in a manner that none other styles have achieved. 

Have you followed the public appearances of Robert Downey Jr? If the answer lies in the affirmative, you must have noticed him donning a pair of tortoiseshell glasses. He styles them brilliantly, and you too can do the same.

To add these amazing styles to your closet, you can shop for them online. There is a huge collection here, and that too at prices that are absolutely pocket-friendly. If your requirement is urgent, you can also try out next day delivery glasses.

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