Average Yearly Expenses Of Your New Border Collie

Who doesn’t love Border Collies? This amazing breed is said to have originated in Britain a few hundred years ago. This breed has ever since been a favorite among the farmers in Wales, Scotland, and England. They are known as the best sheepherders and are famous for their stare, through which they control the stock. Nevertheless, Border Collies are just as popular in the United States of America and are also the perfect choice if you want a family dog. These energetic dogs are perfect for every home because they love pleasing their humans and appreciate some well-deserved cuddles and neck rubs. 

All things set aside, if you intend to bring home a Border Collie puppy, you should be aware of the financial expenses of taking care of one. Understand that being a dog parent is a full-time job and you cannot compromise on your dog’s needs and comforts because the expenses are a bit too much for you. After all, your dog is supposed to be treated like your own child. Understanding the expenses will help you plan them more efficiently. And that is what we are going to try and help you with. Mentioned below are the average yearly expenses of your new Border Collie. 

  • The cost of bringing home a Border Collie puppy

If you choose to buy a Border Collie puppy from a reputable breeder the cost can be anything between $700 to $3500. And the cost can vary depending on various factors. Some of these factors include age, gender, appearance, bloodline, breeder’s reputation, and so on. If you prefer another option, you can also choose to adopt a Border Collie. The cost of adoption will most likely be $200 to $500. However, dogs from shelters are usually older. It all depends on whether you want the puppy phase or you are okay with missing it entirely.

  • Food and treats

As we have already mentioned earlier, Border Collies are extremely energetic. So if you want to maintain that energy level without hampering your dog’s health, you need to feed them a proper and nutritious diet. A balanced diet of a Border Collie should consist of high-quality dog food and treats. These things will probably cost you $500 to $800 per year. 

  • Food and water bowls

Food and water bowls are essential for daily usage. Stainless bowls would be perfect for your Border Collie because they are easier to clean and extremely lightweight. You can buy these bowls for $10 to $30 at a pet store near you. 

  • Bed

Your Border Collie is an energetic dog. But you need to understand that a proper sleeping and resting schedule is important when it comes to recharging for the next day. And that is why a bed is one of the most important accessories for your Collie. Depending on your budget, you will find a decent dog bed for between $40 and $200. 

  • Training 

Border Collies are extremely energetic and smart. This is why it is important that you start training them from a very young age. They are fast learners. You either choose personalized training sessions or group sessions. We prefer the latter. These sessions may cost you up to $700 per year. 

  • Leashed and collars

Collars and leashes are a must-have for your Border Collie. These accessories come in handy whenever you decide to take your dog out for a walk or a run. The leash and collar allow you to control your dog better. You will find a variety of leashes and collars between $15 and $50. 

  • Toys

Border Collies love playing and toys certainly help with the task. They love chew toys as well as squeaky toys. They also love interactive toys that help improve their problem-solving skills. You will probably have to spend another $100 on your dog’s toys. 

  • Grooming essential

Regular grooming helps keep your dog clean and tidy. Your dog’s grooming kit should include brushes for the coat, shampoo and conditioner, nail clippers, and so on. These things will probably cost you $100 per year. 

  • Vet expenses

And lastly, vet expenses. You need to take your dog for regular examinations. Yearly visits to a vet may cost anything between $300 and $1000 depending on the vet you choose. You will have to pay extra if your dog needs additional medical treatment. This is why it is always better to invest in a pet insurance policy just to be safe. 

We hope this article helps you understand the financial responsibilities you will have to undertake as a dog parent. 

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