Be optimistic about the Australia PR visa process

Australia has such a favorable opinion towards immigration. The population minister of this country “Alan Tudge” recently commented that unemployment does not happen because of immigration. In fact, immigration leads to increased productivity because the positions which could not be filled with indigenous labor are filled with foreign labor. The Australia PR visa process happens through different visas, 489, 190 and the 189 visas. Scott Morrison who is the prime minister of this country has accepted this fact, that immigration does not affect jobs in a  negative way.

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On top of it, when the immigrants of the working age arrive in Australia, a balance is attained. Its because these people actually contribute towards the pensions of the older people. If there are older citizens in the population of a country, the entire system will collapse. Its because the government will have to pay a higher amount in pensions and won’t be getting much taxes. Immigration also boosts the wages of the current labor force of a country because the immigrants choose to admit their children into local schools. This is when the wages of school employees increase.

Hence, the Morrison government has announced that there are plans announced to provide a post-study work permit to the international students who decide to study in an area which is away from the metropolitan area.

Australia PR visa process

Australia wants to check the English levels of those planning to immigrate here. Therefore, their language skills are first checked through the IELTS exam. This exam assesses whether a candidate can read, write, speak and talk in English equally comfortably.

The Australia 489 visa is given via 3 routes:

  • Invited pathway: This is given to those who have a relative residing in one state of Australia. They should get nominated by this relative. They need to file the expression of interest containing this nomination.

If there is no nomination from the relative, then the other option is the state nomination. This can be secured when you have the state which is willing to nominate you. It only happens once the state related agency finds you suitable because of your age, experience, and education. They can find your suitability in the expression of interest.

  • Subsequent entry pathway: This visa is granted when the candidate’s relative has already been residing in Australia on the 489 visas.
  • Extended pathway: If you are already living in Australia on a 457 visa, you can be nominated for the 489 visas.

What does the 489, 189 and 190 visas let you do?

It lets you be in Australia for 4 years, in specific regional areas of this country. You also get the privilege of moving to and from this country as many times as you opt for.

There is also the Australia 189 visa. In the case of this visa, you just need to have 65 points for age, education, and experience.

190 visa

You can get this visa once you are selected by the government of a state.

Both the 189 and 190 visas let you be in this country for 5 years with a travel privilege.

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