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Amazon Prime is a bustling streaming goldmine of a few of the most unusual, beautiful, and underappreciated films of the last 80 years. Yet, decent selections may seem virtually impossible to sift through the overwhelming overflow of strangely bad titles hidden in Prime’s depths. Not to mention the perplexing, headache-inducing surfing or the site’s tendency to remove a title abruptly and reintroduce it under a new URL. Amazon Prime Video adds a lot of new online movies at the beginning of every month, but after that, it doesn’t add many new movies every week. Here are the best things that happened this week, followed by CNET’s full list of the best Prime Video original movies.

2019 – Blow the Man Down 

This black comedy thriller is like a cross between the Coen Brothers and Wes Anderson. It is led by two brilliant young women. In Blow, the Man Down, Morgan Saylor and Sophie Lowe play sisters who try to hide the body of a man who attacked one of them and was killed when she fought back. The story takes place in a snowy fishing town in Maine. During their crime caper, they find out the dark secrets of the town’s matriarchs. This turns into a noir mystery. It tastes as good as it sounds.

2022 – Emergency

At the beginning of this comedy-thriller, we learn that Kunle and Sean, two college seniors and best friends, want to be the first Black men to finish a “legendary tour.” This is a big deal that involves going to a lot of fraternity parties. But when the students come home and find a young white woman passed out on the floor, the night takes a whole new turn. The movie, which has both comedy and social commentary, can be scary and tense at times. The friendship between Kunle and Sean, played by RJ Cyler and Donald Elise Watkins, is an important part.

2017 – You Were Never Really Here 

A psychological thriller with Joaquin Phoenix before he became the Joker? Yeah, You Were Never Really Here needs to be seen by more people. Lynne Ramsay’s 90-minute version of a story about a hitman who is hired by a politician to save his daughter from a human trafficking ring is stark, brutal, and mercifully to the point. You Were Never Really Here is not your average thriller because Phoenix is a great, committed actor.

2021 – The Mad Women’s Ball 

This French thriller takes place during the late 1800s. Mélanie Laurent stars directs and co-writes it. Laurent portrays Geneviève, a nurse that attempts to release Eugénie, played by Lou de Laage, from a mental hospital after her family finds out she can talk to ghosts. The Mad Women’s Ball is a disturbing melodrama that shows the unfairness of the time through the strong performances of its two leads. 

2016 – The Handmaiden 

Regardless of whether you’ve heard excellent things regarding The Handmaiden, none can prep you for the unexpected twists and bends this lovely South Korean film takes. The Handmaiden is an erotic psychological thriller, and it has some explicit scenes that you probably shouldn’t watch when your parents are around. It all starts with a con man trying to marry a Japanese heiress so he can send her to an asylum after the wedding. But his partner in stealing, who acts like her maid, changes the plan. If Parasite got you interested in South Korean online movies, this is a must-see.

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