Best and easy way to weight loss [Do few things and get Slim Body]

burning fat from the body

Everyone who wants to lose weight he can do very easily by this exercise and diet

The first thing you should do is for weight loss. Do regular breakfast

Regular breakfast

Regular breakfast is very important for our healthy life. It helps us become fit and slim. Breakfast skipping is not good for our healthy life. Interval in the Breakfast is the cause of weight gain. You do not skip it because it will eliminate important nutrients from your body after skipping breakfast. After skipping breakfast the next day you feel much hungry which causes weight gain. For breakfast, you have to eat porridge, Upma, and fruit.

Drink hot water in the morning

After wake up you drink a glass of hot water. Hot water eliminates toxins from your body which burns your body fat. It lost your weight very fast. It can do very easily at your home.

Drink lemon honey water.

Everyone takes tea and coffee in the morning instead of these you can take lemon honey water. To drink it, you would take a hot water glass and mix in this water lemon juice and honey. Mix it very well and drink it. It detoxifies your body. Apart from that, it increases your immune system and also improves your digestion system.


It is one of the best ways to weight loss. Running is a good exercise everyone does in the morning. Running burns your fat and it also burns your calories.


Morning walk is a good way to reduce our body fat. Especially those people who are beginners lose their fat and who has overweight. It is the best way to reduce calories. Not only for weight loss but it is also good for those people who suffer from diabetes. It is better than running. If you cover more distance.


Jumping is also the best way to reduce fat. In fact, it is the fastest way to lose weight. You should do it regularly in the morning. When your stomach is empty jumping makes our belly fat go away very soon. It should be 5-10 minutes daily. It helps cut your fat.

Drink tea and coffee without sugar

Whatever you drink either drink tea or coffee it should be drunk without sugar it is the cause of body fat. Taking green tea without sugar after it will also help burn body fat it helps both men and women.

Intimating fasting

By the way, when people keep fast, they eat almost everything as they eat potatoes, ate chips drink milk with sugar. But this is wrong this is not called intimating fasting. Keeping a fast by drinking only water is called intimate fasting. Fasting is called intimate fasting as our ancestors used to fast. When your stomach keeps empty it makes ketosis and this helps reduce our fat.

Fruits and porridge should be eaten while intimate fasting at breakfast. Not eat rice and bread avoid this meal otherwise intimating fasting didn’t work.  You have to avoid while doing intimate fasting. It will give the best result to reduce fat both men and women.

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