Best Apple Watch Faces For Taking The Customization To The Next Level

best apple watch faces

While the Apple Watch is appealing on its own, you may personalise it by adding one of the many personal touches available using the best Apple Watch faces. The Apple Watch comes with a plethora of cool watch faces to pick from, in addition to a plethora of third-party accessories and bands. 

Switching between the best Apple Watch is simple with a long press and a swipe to select your favourite watch face for the day. There are three Apple Watch models available today. Apple already has a library of faces that are tailored to specific circumstances. ThereIn fact, there are so many options that it might be difficult to choose. 

But what are the best Apple Watch faces? So we’re here to assist you in finding and customising a face to fit your style. In this article, we will go through a list of the best Apple Watch faces that you could try and change the look and feel of your Apple Watch.

Best Apple Watch Faces 2021

  • Portraits

best apple watch faces

Portraits is the main new watch face in watchOS 8 so yet, however, it’s an extraordinary one (and heaps of fun). You might utilize any picture mode photograph as your watch face setting with this new Apple Watch face. You may likewise pick between two intricacies: one in the centre and one at the base. 

The astounding part about this face is the way it shows your photos. On the Apple Watch, you get a phenomenal 3D impact with viewpoint developments. You can likewise shift the advanced crown to bring the subject of the shot forward, which is a slick element. This is without a doubt our favourite new Apple Watch face. Portraits is leading the list of the best watch faces for Apple Watch. 

  • Infograph

best apple watch faces

The Infograph watch face is one of our personal favourites. This watch face has eight complexities, which means there’s a lot of information on the screen, which is wonderful for us. In addition, the watch face makes excellent use of space and looks fantastic to us. 

Certain individuals may find this watch face to be overly cluttered with information; if this is the case, you may either pick a different watch face from the remainder of the list or turn off some of Infograph’s complexities.

Some of these complications may also be used as quick-launchers for third-party Apple Watch apps like Spotify and Overcast. The Infograph has been delivered from watch face heaven for those obsessed with complexities, and it’s our selection for the greatest Apple Watch face you can use.

It can accommodate up to eight complexities, with the four in the corner being able to use the revised Series 4 and Series 5 display to offer additional information — check out the weather in the top-right, which displays current, minimum, and maximum temperatures. It is one of the best Apple Watch Faces Reddit.

  • California

best apple watch faces

This is the watch face you use for somewhat more formal events where the Inforgraph watch face may feel out of place. This watch face puts the basics up front, and it looks extraordinary. You get the time, obviously, just as an assortment of dial-marker options, including Devanagari in the event that you want Hindi numbers. 

With the watch face, you might go full-screen or round. We lean toward full-screen, which permits me to manage two issues. On the off chance that you go round, however, you’ll get four additional intricacies on every one of the watch’s four corners. In this way, assuming you need more data on your wrist, that is a choice. 

Since its introduction in WatchOS 6, the California Apple Watch face has been a fan favourite. California is a crowd-pleaser since it may most closely resemble a conventional, recognisable watch face. California is a premium catalogue in the best Apple Watch faces app. 

It comes in either a square or round face. You may stuff the face with information or keep it simple. The numerous difficulties can be customised to your liking. The form and numerical design of the time display may be changed.

  • GMT

best apple watch faces

GMT is the first of a flurry of new watch faces included in the watchOS 7 upgrades, allowing users to pick a second timezone. Although we appreciate the Rolex vibes of the default, the colours may be completely customised. In the corners, there’s room for four difficulties. he can change the time on the external dial, which is 24 hours. 

people may look over a rundown of urban areas or add one from your iPhone’s World Clock. You might pick your shadings and customize them as you would prefer. This was revealed at the same time as the new Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch SE, which will be released in September 2020. 

With a modern twist, the GMT watch face is inspired by traditional timepieces. GMT is among the best Apple Watch faces Series 3. It has a 12-hour inner dial that displays your local time and a 24-hour outer dial that displays a separate time zone. You may do so by rotating the Digital Crown to see all of the different time zones and selecting one to display on your watch face.

  • Liquid Metal

best apple watch faces
Liquid Metal

Although they are technically unique watch faces, they are essentially the same thing, except for the element utilised. Each time you tap the screen or wake your watch, these watch faces show stunning activities. Apple caught the liveliness, and there are three watch appearances to choose from water, fire, and fluid metal. 

These are by a wide margin the most appealing Apple Watch faces accessible. The movements are very captivating to watch, and we prescribe setting the dial structure to full evaluate for a more vivid encounter. In the event that you want intricacies on the screen, notwithstanding, a roundabout dial configuration is likewise a choice.

  • Meridian

best apple watch faces

With watchOS 6, Meridian was added to the Apple Watch Face Gallery. With a clean, strong analogue style that’s complemented by the option of four complexities in the centre of the dial, it’s a superb balance of beauty and function. This face’s deliciously simple style provides you with a quick overview of stuff that’s relevant to you so you can get to it right away. 

Date, Weather, Air Quality Index, and Activity are all complications. The dial is available in black or white with a variety of accent colours. It gives your watch a sophisticated aesthetic while being little fun. Meridian only has a full-screen mode, however, it does include four customizable complications in the centre of the screen. 

Meridian’s always-on display is also quite good, and we believe this is the greatest AOD watch face for Apple Watch after California. It is one of the best custom Apple Watch faces.

  • Simple

best apple watch faces

As the name implies, this is the most basic watch face available, making it an excellent pick for any minimalists reading this list. The Simple face allows you to customise the dial style, so you may go minimalist with only the watch hands or add the hour markers. 

Although the watch face has complexities, we recommend turning them all off and only keeping the date complication on for the cleanest, most simple Apple Watch appearance possible.

If you’re part of Apple’s ecosystem, you might be interested in smart home technology, which is why we’ve included the HomeKit complication, as well as simple access to Remote for controlling your Apple TV. Don’t forget to bring a timer as well. Home is where the heart is, making it one of the best free Apple Watch faces. 

  • Siri

best apple watch faces

Throughout the day, the Siri watch face displays personalised info. It goes over data from your Reminders, Alarms, Calendar, News, Weather, heart rate, and sound levels, among other sources. If you need it, it will remind you to take a deep breath when you need it. He can use your iPhone to turn any of these off if you choose. 

You may utilise the face like any other once it’s been set up, including adding complexities. They won’t find a better watch face if you want an assistant who is proactive about your day and what you need to get done. The Siri complication is located at the top of the screen, so it will handle any tasks you need to do while you don’t have access to your iPhone.

The clean-looking watch face displays the time as well as several Siri cards that display information depending on what Siri believes you might need to know at the time. It will display your future activities, weather, sunset/sunrise times, and other information. It’s ideal for anyone looking for a smart assistant on their watch face. Siri is one of the best Apple Watch 6 faces. 

  • Numerals

best apple watch faces

Check out Numerals Duo if you’re searching for a watch face that’s suitable for a casual excursion with your buddies or a vacation to the beach. This watch face looks beautiful and displays only the time in two-toned numerals on your watch screen. There are a variety of colour schemes to pick from, as well as a few different styles. 

You won’t require much. You’re uncomplicated but elegant. You only need the time and date, and you want it displayed in the most elegant manner possible. Take on the Numerals watch face, choose a soothing colour scheme, and then show off your skills. This will undoubtedly be one of the finest Apple Watch faces for you if you prefer simple features. 

Minute and second hands are included in Numerals. In the upper left corner, the time is displayed. Apart from the one complication you may add, you only have control over the colour and font, so choose judiciously. Numerals is one of the best watch faces for Apple Watch.

  • Typograph

best apple watch faces

This is a lovely, basic watch face made for minimalists. There are no difficulties, simply four enormous numerals taking up space on the face. It is, however, still very customizable. You may, for example, alter the fill colour to match your wardrobe, mood, or whatever you like! Furthermore, you may maintain the four numerals or choose a conventional dial with Arabic, Arabic Indic, Roman, or Devanagari symbols in modern, classic, or rounded design. 

With this watch face, typography takes centre stage, as the name indicates. You have three custom typestyles to pick from classic, contemporary, and rounded. You may also select whether you want to see just four digits (12,3,6,9) on your watch face or all twelve, as well as whatever script you want to see them in. 

We like the default settings, but you may pick between Arabic, Arabic Indic, Devanagari, and Roman if you want. Typograph is one of the most talked-about Apple Watch faces, making it the best Apple Watch faces Reddit.

  • Solar

best apple watch faces

Check out Solar if you like a watch face that is a little more dynamic. This watch face follows the path of the sun as it moves around your location, with a clock running alongside it to show the time. You may also use the Digital Crown to advance in time and view the sun’s position throughout the day. 

The watch face even displays the time of twilight, sunset, sunrise, and other events. Solar Dial is a fairly showy face with a genuine practical side, and it’s another new design from watchOS 6. The face has complexities in each corner for your personalization, as well as a large and dramatic solar measure that displays the time and tells you when sunset is expected where you are. Solar is one of the best Apple Watch faces 2021 having an astronomical touch.

  • Memoji

best apple watch faces

The Memoji watch face is ideal for anybody who wants to show off their Memoji creations to the world while also having fun seeing them come to life on their wrist. All of the normal emojis, as well as any emojis you’ve generated on your iPhone, are displayed on the watch face. 

That’s quite nice since it significantly expands the watch face. You may make an emoji that is personalised for you and your watch. It is one of the best Apple Watch faces.

Make Your iWatch More Interesting With The Best Apple Watch Faces

best apple watch faces
Best Apple Watch Faces

As previously said, watch faces are the most significant component of customising and personalising your Apple Watch. Plus, with watchOS 8, you can design personalised watch faces for your Apple Watch using third-party applications. These are our selections for the 12 best Apple Watch faces that you should try on your watch, out of all the faces that Apple delivers with its wristwatch.

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