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Women's Slippers

If you think that slippers are all the same, then you are mistaking since there are plenty of options available. Moreover, if you are new to the slippers and confused about which ones to take, then the below-listed choices might give you a rough idea. With the right pair of slippers, you will no doubt feel comfortable.

Arch support slippers

Slippers have always been a favourite for women. Among all the other options, arch support slippers are famous for giving complete support to your foot arches. If you are suffering from flat feet or any other issues, then considering the arch support slippers is the best option.

Using the arch support slippers for women, you will get enough support, and you will feel that you are wearing a regular shoe. Moreover, these are quite comfortable and warm as well. If your house floors are tough and worried about walking on them, arch support is undoubtedly the best option.

Bootie slippers

Booty slippers are mostly worn a bit high than normal slippers. Since they come up over the ankle, it keeps your feet warm along with the upper part of your ankle. Ideally, the bootie chappals for women are worn during winters. Due to its warm and fuzzy built quality, it keeps you warm.

If you never feel comfortable and warm even after wearing slippers, then bootie slippers are the best option to go for. Look for something that goes a little high than your ankle. Besides, the bootie slippers are more like moccasins and look absolutely stunning since you will get them in different colours, styles, or patterns.


Flip-flop slippers are no doubt a real thing. Unlike the bootie slippers, the upper part of it remains open, but the below part remains covered. It is definitely a great choice for those who stay in tropical areas. Flip-flops not only keep your feet airy but also protects you from slippery floors.

Ideally, flip flops are inexpensive since it does not involve much material for manufacturing. These are perfect for a casual outing with friends, especially if you are going to the beach. You can pair it with casual outfits like t-shirts and denim or shorts to carry that edgy look.

Slip-on slippers

This is one of the most convenient options that you can get if you love wearing slippers. All you have to do is slide in your feet, and you will be good to go. Slip-on slippers are best to keep near the house door. You can put it on and wear it every time you feel like rushing out of your house.

You will get these slippers in different colours, patterns, or even textures. Although the slip-on do not cover your ankle or heel, it will definitely cover your foot. Therefore, if you need something that will offer warmth to your feet, then slip-ons are definitely the best choice.

Outdoor slippers

These slippers come with the thickest sole are perfect for daily use. Whether you are watering your plants or walking your dog, outdoor slippers are definitely one of the best choices for women. Since they are the ones who have to keep working throughout the day, outdoor slippers are no doubt handy.

These will no doubt help you to keep your feet protected and warm. Also, outdoor slippers are no doubt sturdy since walking on the roads might bring concrete pieces, brick pieces, and other sharp objects. Outdoor slippers will keep you protected since the sole comes with durability and longevity.


Slider slippers look more like a sandal and are different from the slip-on women’s slippers as well as flip flops. These are the combination of both as it helps in covering entire part of your foot. While the sliders expose your toes, a certain amount of fiber on the sliders keeps them protected. Sliders are commonly worn during shower since it does not slip on the bathroom floor. Moreover, these keep your feet dry, which is important when bathing.

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