Biggest Sportswear Brands in the World

Biggest Sportswear Brands in the World

When you think about the finest sportswear brands, you might think of an ancient saying of soccer: Form is fleeting, but class is everlasting. Popularity ebbs and streams, but quality and heritage persist.

Disposable, not exclusive, is financially essential for sportswear businesses. A restricted released such as the Nike x OFF-WHITE collab could give a new degree of freshness to sports brands on much social media feeds, but the shoes don’t end up at the closets for everyone. 

Yet while widely available and visible, real cash remains a kind of soft power for sportswear companies and exclusiveness and cooperation, every label seeks to use. The excitement driving the top sporting brands end of the market and sending collectors and media sources like us into a frenzy is a method for sports manufacturers to increase general releases and daily wear and keep their revenues up. 

It works. And it works. The worldwide sports clothing industry has produced $174 billion in sales in 2018 and is estimated by Market Research firm Statista to rise from $167 billion in 2017. Revenues are anticipated to reach 184.6 billion dollars by 2020, according to Allied Market Research.

However, the hype is not the whole and the end. Heritage, product quality, excellent support, and innovation are additional spokespeople for the sports company. This is something the managers know all too well and is a key reason why many companies have recently been easily transformed from sports to lifestyle.

In this article, we are talking about the best sportswear brands including yoga wear brands, Athletic apparel brands, Sports clothing brands, Athletic clothing brands, Activewear brands, etc.

Top 12 Biggest Sportswear Brands in the World

Here are the top 12  athletic wear brands list:

1. Adidas

Adidas- sportswear brands

A sportswear brands powerhouse long before athleticism was a word, the top sport brand With the Three Stripes, with its Originals lifestyle brand, placed huge bets on high profile collaborative activities and how it paid off. In 2019, Adidas welcomed Beyoncé, Kid Cudi, and Donald Glover, as well as re-enhancing its partnership with Pusha-T. 

Rick Owens, Alexander Wang, Raf Simons, Pharrell Williams, and Kanye West have been in the fold for some years now. These collabs raised Adidas, which gradually eats into Nike’s perennial competitor market share, and the German brand struck the jackpot with West’s YEEZY, snatched from Swoosh’s nose in 2016.

Lyst ranked YEEZY, above all Adidas itself, among its top 2019 brands and goods. And with the velocity of the launches of YEEZY and the retro-sneaker trend continuing for Adidas with styles like the Yung-1, Yung-96, and LXCON, the Three Stripes will continue in years to come to be one of the world’s most ubiquitous and valuable sporting companies. Ricks is a person who owns Adidas.



Few businesses are like ASICS as a sportswear brands, blending performance and design. Athletes from all over the globe, especially the Olympians, like the GEL-Kayano sneakers of the brand because of their unrivaled reliability in severe use. 

Gel-Kayano 5 and GEL-Fujitrabuco 7 are hefty vintage shapes that are loved by sneakers. The Japanese sportswear brand has meantime been introduced to fashion for weeks and after by collaborating with the like Ronnie Fieg, Patta, Kiko Kostadinov, and GmbH.

ASICS continues to introduce new technology in their already imposing range, with the 2019 launches of the GEL-Quantum 360 5 and MetaRide. Whether you are a dedicated runner, a serious sneaker, or both, a couple of ASICS is a must-do for anybody who wants to flex on or off fashion shows.

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With $1.4 billion in sales globally in 2018, Champion’s recovery is robust. The company has achieved its greatest results in years. A champion who went off the radar at the turn of the century was one of the most successful sportswear brands in the 90s. 

However, Champion is back with his iconic “C” emblem on Rihanna, the Kardashians, and Chance the Rapper, which claimed this year that he had named the century-old company “unlam,” with nostalgias in fashion and pop cultural trends.

Now, following the partnerships with The Supret, Weaves, Off-white, and KITH, the champion serves the streetwear audience notably hype chasers. However, it’s also for everyone, with reasonable costs, broad availability, and proven quality. For everyone. “It’s like a 100-year-old brand new brand,” adds Brand Champion Manny Martinez.

4. Diadora

Diadora- activewear brands

While the Italian Diadora brand has been established since 1948, it remains an underground symbol for soccer aficionados as well as for Europeans. Diadora was successful in the 1970s and 1980s with elegant train suits, bright knitwear, and sleek shoes, bringing in the visiting football fans from Great Britain. 

The Diadora footwear was donated by icons such as tennis star Björn Borg and football greats Roberto Baggio and Marco van Basten, turning the sports brand on and off the field into a giant. Today the Italian craftsmanship of Diadora is coupled with a decades-old reinvention of trends and partnerships like Packer, END, and even High Nobility as sportswear brands.

Its apparel draws trends from the most prominent time in the history of the firm and directs them into the contemporary fold of athletic brands. Diadora is a European OG for anyone who wants to add to your athletic garment the famous “Made in Italy” attitude.

5. Ellesse

Ellesse- sports brands

Founded in 1959, Ellesse revolutionized sportswear brands forever, offering first-time customization techniques to sportswear brands.

The Italian brand (now owned by Pentland, UK) began out in the field of ski wear but has since established itself as a real sportswear brands in Europe and beyond, with a special Fall 2018 collection of clothing and shoes announcing its re-entry into the North American market as activewear brands.

The favorite brand of British casuals in the 80s, in the last few days, can be seen broad, proudly worn by everyone, from ravers and fashionistas to Wimbledon tennis players sportswear brands, as the logo ‘half pallet’ or half-ball’ — representing two points of a pair of skis and a piece of a tennis ball.


FILA- athletic brands

Over the past several years, FILA has been the finest way to take advantage of all the sport marks to catch the wave of “huge” and thick footwear. When you ask why to look at the retro-silhouettes of the Italian legacy (now held in South Korea). One of the biggest sports brands in the world.

According to Lyst, the Disruptor II, the second most popular sportswear brands of Q2 2018, was a wallet-friendly entrance to the chunky sneaker arena at a quarter of the price of the similarly overdue Balenciaga Triple S. Originally published in 1996, this shoe has reemerged nicely for other voluminous versions like the relaunched DSTR97 and the Ray of FILA.

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7. Hoka One One

Hoka One One

Hoka One One is a French sportswear brands company which is specialized in high-quality racing shoes. It was created in 2009 by two former Salomon workers. It may not have the same history as other sportswear brands companies on our list because of its relatively small history but has established a solid base in both the running business and in recent years the world of fashion, due to the co-signs of people like Kanye West. In addition, collaborations with menswear like Engineered Garments helped to advance its name.

Another reason why he is so adored by the more fashionable people is his collaboration with Vibram, which creates thick and durable outsoles for most of the company’s running footwear. Deckers Brands, the UGG, Teva parent business, and other footwear brands currently belong to the firm.



The German-based sportswear brands firm Hummel, located in Denmark, holds true to its core and is perhaps the world’s most uniting sport. Their designs are made by football but might be inspired by collections devoted to US immigrants, soccer clubs of the Lower League in Scotland, and indoor sports. 

The characteristic downward chevrons of hummel still grace some of the greatest tracksuits and football-inspired apparel in the world, known as the “underdog” mark contrasted with the German sportswear brands labels Adidas and PUMA.

9. Jordan Brand

Jordan Brand

Jordan sportswear brands are still chasing out outstanding retros by in-house designers and colleagues, especially the retros of the legendary Air Jordan 1, known as “The One that Started It All,” like the numerous sportswear manufacturers who pushed to revive and reimagine squirting runners from their 1990s dawn.

OFF-WHITE Virgil Abloh, Hiroshi Fujiwara, Fragment Design, and Travis Scott have put a distinct stamp on the vintage Line of the Jordan, with Abloh and Scott amongst the most precious designs in the world of the sneakers.

Far from the reissues of the iconic Basketball Sneakers by Michael Jordan, Jordan Brand delivers current basketball, and even football equipment, which was expanded to include football in 2018.

10. Nike


The Beaverton behemoth remains the world’s largest sportswear brands with a turnover of almost $36 billion in 2018. Nike is the dominant player in almost all sports, with sponsorships including all from amateurs, the Olympians, AAU teams, and NBA teams. As it has been for decades the Swoosh is one of the most omnipresent logos on the globe. Its become a top athletic brands.

Through technologies like React, Adapt and, naturally, Air, the brand constantly innovates and continues with collaboration from John Elliott, Colin Kaepernick, Tom Sachs to Serena Williams, both primary and post-career designers. Nike is the global leader in terms of lifestyle or performance items. Titan sportswear enters high fashion and streetwear and is a partnership between sportswear companies like Supreme, Travis Scott, Martine Rose, 1017 ALYX 9SM Matthew M. Williams, and Errolson Hugh from ACRONYM. 

There is also the tiny subject of Virgil Abloh, the revolutionary “The Ten,” which began in 2017 and permanently transformed the reselling market for sneakers. Simply said, Nike is a winner in a league of its own.

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11. Puma


According to CEO Bjørn Gulden, the brand is more rapid than Nike and Adidas in North America, but it has more space to expand, the German Icon of Sportswear in the first quarter of 2019 is “the finest quarter PUMA has ever seen.”

PUMA attributes its current success to its murderous partnership and the recovery of numerous vintage sneakers. On the frontline of the cooperation, PUMA collaborated with such companies as ADEre Error, Upscale Vandal, and Nipsey Hussle.

PUMA is bringing the finest basketball from the ‘80s into the 21st century, with contemporary renditions of its Palace Guard and Ralph Sampson sneakers, while 1998’s heavy cell Venom also made a triumphant return. Likewise, the revived Inhale derives from the ’00s vault, which gives PUMA in the current age three decades of footwear.

12. Sergio Tacchini

Sergio Tacchini

Sergio Tacchini was another brand embraced by the UK casuals on the terraces, just like his fellow Italians FILA and Else. Uniquely popular with vintage lovers till now are his distinctive 80s track trays and are easily available in a thrift shop.

In 1966 the company Sandys S.p.A. was initially called by its namesake founder, a professional tennis player until changing the name to Sergio Tacchini in 1969. Before the Grand Slam champion went to brands like Nike, Sergio Tacchini was recognized for his high-quality remixes of classic tennis whites.

The brand’s exquisite apparel over the years has been worn by Goran Ivanišević, Novak Djokovic, and John McEnroe. Sergio Tacchini is still a famous brand amongst tennis players and spectators despite several financial hardships in recent days.

Bottom Line Of Sportswear Brands

The purists and classicists find it a tough pill for swallowing, yet athletics is much like clothing and shirts in the everyday attraction of a modern person. Actually, for the most, more likely.

It’s intelligent, too, the good news. Besides the long-standing traditional companies in sportswear, new actors are coming on the scene, pushing aesthetics in a new direction. Concentrate on quality materials, elegant design and aim at bridging the difference between shape and function.

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