Cable connection to broadband or worse, going from modem connection

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This is really the world, according to most adapters. Naturally, when thousands of people say something, you should at least listen even if you do not try to experience what they are saying. In this case, the only advice is to enter the broadband bandwagon ASAP! Why? Let’s try to answer this question.

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with some interesting statistics from cbn, one of the most trusted broadband speed checking sites on the web. The statistics we are going to check are as follows – Worldwide download speed, Top countries by download, Top countries by upload. Whether ready or not, here we go!

Top Continents – Download

  1. Europe 5.60Mbps
  2. North America 5.53 Mbps
  3. Australia 4.42 Mbps
  4. Asia 3.69Mbps
  5. South America 1.64Mbps
  6. Africa 1.03Mbps

Top Countries – Download

  1. Republic of Korea 17.83 Mbps
  2. Japan 16.07 Mbps
  3. Sweden 11.55 Mbps
  4. Lithuania 11.28 Mbps
  5. Romania 10.33 Mbps

Top Countries – Download

  1. Lithuania 8.08Mbps
  2. Japan 7.49Mbps
  3. Bulgaria 4.43 Mbps
  4. Romania 4.32Mbps
  5. Russian Federation 4.28Mbps

Looking at the ratings above,

 you may be asking yourself about the US or the UK. When it comes to the broadband speed check part, they are both MIA. How is this possible? Don’t ask, it’s a good idea to do some testing and see where you stand. After all, a low status rate doesn’t mean you can’t get internet at the speed of light, right?

Okay, now that we have our Broadband Speed ​​Check, I think you should try some Internet Speed ​​Tests for iMac or PC or Internet Speed ​​Test for an iPhone (SpeedTest also has a special app for iPhone, you should try it!) To see where you stand.

Lastly, you do not have to worry about your speed as long as you can use Google, Wikipedia and other really useful sites (YouTube or MySpace are not included in my “must visit” list, really). All you have to do before you get frustrated by some broadband speed tests is not the bandwidth, but remember what you are doing with it!But how do you know you are getting a fast internet connection?

Simple, you go to

In Speed ​​Test you can see different speed levels of your internet connection and that of your webmasters. The speed test will show you what the speed is. If your webmaster has a T1 connection or a T3 connection, it can slow you down. And nobody wants it or needs it.

You will know in a moment

Speed ​​test will automatically connect your speed connection in seconds. If your connection is slower than you expected, or if you’re on a T1 or T3 webmaster connection, it’s a good idea to consider changing your ISP a bit. No need to worry with slow internet‌, especially when your internet speed is fast and even cheap!

Also, for those with multiple internet connections or family members with wireless internet, you’re unknowingly slowing down. You shouldn’t bother with slow internet because your daughter is on Facebook in the other room. With Speed ​​Test, you can find out exactly what is happening in cyberspace. You can test it at any time…for free.

Don’t lag…

Today’s internet world is moving very fast. Don’t get left behind with a slow internet connection. Test it to be sure. We invite you to visit and hear additional free internet marketing tips and effective strategies by visiting Learn more about Pat and Lorna Shanks

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