Cable Vs Fiber – Which Type of Internet is better?

Cable Vs Fiber

We all use the internet for different purposes. Some of us use it to perform the most basic tasks online like checking emails and surfing through the web, some are business professionals who use it for work, then there are some movie buffs, who use it to stream movies and TV shows online. All these online activities require different internet speeds and data, therefore, it is important to choose the right type of internet connection that will support the internet activities performed by the users at your home.

There are different types of internet connections but in this article, we’ll mainly cover the key difference between cable internet and fiber optic internet, and we’ll establish which one is better in terms of structure, price, reliability, speed, and availability.

Cable Vs Fiber – Comparison


The cable internet service providers use coaxial cables, also known as coax cables to deliver internet to residences and businesses. These coaxial cables are used in the cable TV infrastructure and the same infrastructure is used to send data transmission signals to a cable modem placed in the recipient’s house or workplace. The coaxial cables have a copper core that is wrapped with aluminum and the outer layer is made out of plastic.

The ISPs normally use the coaxial cable infrastructure to deliver both internet and TV services to their customers but for the customers to access high-speed internet via the same structure, they need to have a modem and modem termination system in place.

Whereas, the fiber optic internet services are delivered using a fiber optic cable. These cables are made of smaller optical fibers. These fibers are extremely thin but have a proper two-part structure inside. They have a core, which is the innermost part of the fiber and it is made out of glass, and then over that is the cladding, which is made out of thicker glass or plastic. The optical fibers transmit data using modulated light. Light is carried down these fibers in the form of laser pulses that carry binary data, which makes up everything we see online.


The price of fiber optic internet connection used to be much higher than the price of cable internet but with time the price of fiber internet has come down significantly, and now they both cost almost the same, however, fiber is still relatively more expensive.

The price of cable internet is determined by your location and what additional services you are acquiring. Meanwhile, the price of fiber optic internet is dependent on your usage, the internet speed you want as well as the location.


Both internet connections are equally reliable. However, since cable internet is transmitted through electricity, cable interruption and electricity outages can have an impact on the internet connection. This makes cable internet somewhat less reliable.

Fiber internet connection is not interrupted by electricity disruptions. The fiber optic cables are made out of glass and they do not conduct electricity but rather they use modulated light to transmit data. Because of this, fiber internet connection is more reliable among the two types of internet connections.


The cable network can provide a download speed ranging from 10 – 500 Mbps and an upload speed of 5 – 50 Mbps. It is sufficient speed for moderate to heavy internet usage that includes some heavy downloading, video streaming, and gaming. However, since cable internet comes from a shared network, the speed of the internet reduces significantly during internet rush hours.

On the other hand, fiber optic internet connection is faster than cable internet and can offer a download speed of 250 Mbps – 1000 Mbps. The best thing about fiber internet is that it offers symmetrical internet speeds, which means it can provide the same downstream and upstream bandwidth. Other than that, the internet rush hours have no effect on the speed of a fiber internet connection which makes it an ideal connection for organizations and businesses that require an internet service that can consistently deliver the same speed.


Cable internet service is readily available just about everywhere. If you can access cable TV services, you can easily access a cable internet connection as well. While fiber optic internet services are not available in most locations. Even though the fiber-optic infrastructure has been expanding, this type of internet is still not available in most areas, especially remote locations.

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