Five suggestions to increase viewer involvement and reel views

viewer involvement

We are going to help you enhance the interactivity of your reels and, of course, the views because reels are the current content and short videos are competing more and more for the public’s attention.

Even though the algorithm increases your visibility and helps you get more views, it can be a bit confusing, especially if you are not very experienced. We hope these recommendations will be helpful. 

Instagram altered its algorithm after reels became popular to offer makers of reels more visibility. Help more people see your stuff.

What are Reels 

Instagram is one of the most crucial social media platforms for reaching audiences quickly, especially if your target market is in generation Z. As a result, it is perfect for positioning our brands or our products. 

Additionally, because it allows posting in a variety of formats (reels, stories, ITV, and photography), your marketing strategy can be more comprehensive.

The Reels, which are quick videos that last no longer than 90 seconds and, unlike Stories, stay fixed in your feed, are the current hot topic. Using the same application, you may alter each video by adding stickers, signs, or effects.

Reels’ inclusion in the explore area is one of its many advantages; by doing so, you can naturally interact with folks who are unfamiliar with you. It is a great way to reach more people because you can share it on your profile and in your story.

Instagram or Reels from tiktok

Given how similarly both platforms function, you could be tempted to use the same content for tiktok on Instagram. However, you should think twice before doing this in order to get the most out of both platforms.

The primary distinction is unquestionably the fact that tiktok only features short videos as content. Whereas Instagram Reels are only a function, your video may get lost among other material if you don’t share it with the appropriate hashtags.

On Instagram, videos can only last up to 90 seconds, whereas on tiktok, they can stay up to 3 minutes, and even if you have more than a thousand fans, you can make 5-minute films. This is one of the biggest contrasts between the two platforms. So if you want to post your lengthy tiktok videos on Instagram, think about this.

How to boost reel engagement

The following advice can help you reach more people, and the greatest part is that it will encourage your audience to engage with your reels. There is no magic list you can check off to instantly become a platform viral sensation.

1. Produce superior content

Influencers make the process of publishing reels to Instagram appear quite simple, but the process can actually be quite complicated. You may do much more than just talk on camera if you’re a rookie content creator, but keep in mind that both Instagram and your audience respect quality.

Using the labels accurately in the description of each reel is one way to increase the number of views. When there are two or more words, write them together, without a space, and you can use up to 30 tags.

2. Provide your viewers with the material.

For many, the reels on Instagram are about videos of people dancing because of how similar it is to tiktok, but in reality, there are various forms and genres of videos that are successful on Instagram.

If you are unsure of the kinds of videos to start posting, you may search the accounts of your rivals to see what kind of material is most successful for them. If they are aware of your target audience, you can also respond to the question of what kinds of videos they prefer.

3. Request feedback from your audience

Although it could seem like one of the most hopeless possibilities, this is one of the quickest methods to get someone interested. Making a call to action on each reel is important.

You may now add labels and text to your Reels as a result of Instagram upgrades, which will allow you to position those calls to action and beg for a “like” or a “comment” in a lighthearted manner.

You can encourage your followers to interact with you by including a call to action with eye-catching language or a label within the Reel, but you can also do this from the Reel description. Even here, you can invite them to visit your website.

4. Employ current audio

Keeping up with trends on this social media platform may seem like a task that requires you to spend hours on the platform, but it’s not like that. Fortunately, you can quickly spot the trends in the brief videos on this platform, and the best part is that you can copy them!

It only takes a few clicks in the add Reels area to choose the music icon. When you get there, it will recommend the newest audios that you can use without a license.

If the suggested music does not persuade you in the least, look through your competitors’ feeds to see what music they are using and what is most effective.

5. Use stickers

The videos that command the most visual attention are the most successful. Adding a sticker to your video is a great method to increase viewership without significantly altering the content.

There are unique stickers that will help you increase engagement with your reel, and using them on Instagram is unlike using them on any other application. These stickers include:

  • Now You – With this one, you can suggest a subject so that your subscribers can upload a relevant video. To use it, choose “now you” from the stickers section, then write the subject.
  • Poll: This tag enables you to determine whether your audience approves of a particular subject or even a product by allowing you to write a question with a simple “yes” or “no” response.
  • Questionnaire: This is the best way to gauge how your users feel about a particular subject, item, or update that your company has released. Simply put the survey sticker, on which you can write your question and a number of possible answers from which users can choose.

Likes – This tag will allow you to keep track of how many people have liked your article.

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