Fortnite: What’s the best Mongraal Setting?

mongraal fortnite setings

Want to know the best setting of Fortnite player and also the streamer Mongraal, also known as Kyle Jackson from the FaZe Clan organization? We are here to assist you by providing all the knowledge regarding Mongraal gaming settings. Thus, let’s begin with the below given information-


Kyle Jackson has signed for FaZa in July 2019, by following his stretch with his first pro eSports org Team Secret EU from April 2018. Since, once he’s 13 the pro-Fortnite player has been successful in the game, in an interview with BBC is to market eGaming and Fortnite itself. additionally, when he is 14 years, he was not able to participate in Fortnite’s summer skirmish because of the competition rule that every player ought to be 16 to compete. Several of his fans want to see how far the British player may go and also the Mongraal himself take the choice to not let him enter the competition back in 2018.  


As we compare the Mongraal setting and also the shroud Apex settings, each player has their own unique gaming settings. Below we discuss the Mongraal gaming and settings and if you wish to know about the shroud Apex setting then move to the link below

Mongraal’s Gaming Settings

There are all the full settings of Mongraal uses in Fortnite, that include monitor, mouse, video, and keybindings:-

Mongraal’s Video Settings

Mongraal setting of his gaming video is unique and it adjusts to get the highest possible FPS, with one exception. He set the view distance set to the epic, that overkill the rendering distance for players does not get affected. Also, it allows him to search for loot and see the storm. As he uses the colorblind setting but he is not colorblind. However, he prefers to use this setting to keep it at Deuteranope 10 to spot the enemies and see through the storm. Below is the setting:-

  • The Windowed Mode is Fullscreen. 
  • Resolution is 1920×1080. 
  • His Frame Rate Limit is 240 FPS. 
  • The Brightness is 98 percentage. 
  • His Color Blind Mode or strength is Deuternope 10.
  • The interface Contrast is 1.09X. 
  • View Distance is Epic. 
  • His Anti-Aliasing is off.  
  • The gaming Texture is Low. 
  • Post Processing is Low. 
  • Effects are Low. 
  • The Shadows is Off. 
  • VSync is off. 
  • His Motion Blur is also off. 
  • Allow Multithreaded Rendering is On. 

Mongraal’s Mouse Settings

The TheMongraal’s setting of the mouse is below mentioned:-

  • He Uses a Logitech G402 mouse for his gaming. 
  • DPI is 800.
  • The X-Axis Sensitivity is 4.9 percentage. 
  • The Y-AXIS Sensitivity is 4.9 percentage. 
  • Polling Rate is 1000 Hz. 
  • His Targeting Sensitivity is 29.0 percentage. 
  • And the scope sensitivity is also 29.0 percentage. 

Mongraal’s Keybinds

Mongraal prioritizes playing with his mouse whenever it comes to the building. He keeps his building button on the mouse, on his keyboard frees up space and makes switching his gun easier. He prefers to have three guns and harvest tools around his movements keys. 

  • The Wall is with Mouse 5. 
  • For the floor is the DPI mouse button. 
  • Stairs with Mouse 4. 
  • The Trap is C. 
  • Roof from the Left Shift. 
  • The use with the 4 or Mouse wheel up. 
  • Th encroach is Left Ctrl. 
  • Inventory is with the Left Alt. 
  • For the Map is M button. 
  • The Reload/ Rotate Building Piece is with G/ Mouse Wheel button. 
  • The Building Edit is with the E button. 
  • The confirm Edit on Release is off. 
  • The Harvesting Tool is with R.
  • For Weapon Slot 1- 2
  • Weapon slot 2- Q
  • The Weapon Slot 3- 3
  • For Weapon Slot 4- F
  • For Weapon Slot 5- X. 
  • The Spring by Default is On. 
  • The HUD scale is 52 percent. 

 Graphic Quality of Mongraal

There is the list of Mongraal’s setting of graphic quality are as below mentioned:-

  • The View Distance is Medium. 
  • Shadows are off. 
  • Anti-Aliasing is also off. 
  • His gaming texture is Medium. 
  • The effect is Low. 
  • Their post-processing of his is Low. 
  • The Vsync is also off. 
  • The motion blur is also off. 
  • Allow Multithreaded Rendering is on. 
  • The rendering Mode is on the performance. 

The PC Gear setting 

Below are the mongraal PC Gear settings:-

  • His CPU is INTEL CORE 19-10900K.
  • The GPU he uses is NVIDIA GEFORCE RTX 3090
  • His mainboard is TBC. 
  • The memory he uses is CORSAIR VENGEANCE RGB PRO 32GB. 
  • Case is LIAN LI PC- 011
  • Liquid cooling is the Corsair H150l Pro RGB 
  • He uses the SSD of Samsung 970 EVO 1TB. 
  • HDD is from the Seagate 4TB Barracuda.
  • The power supply he uses is CORSAIR RM1000X
  • Fans and Lighting are from 9X CORSAIR LL120 RGB and CORSAIR ICUE COMMANDER PRO. 

Winding up!

In the above article, we discuss Fortnite: best mongraal settings. We mentioned all the settings information of the mongraal gaming setup. Follow all the steps given and if you want to know more about his gaming settings then you can visit our other articles also.  


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