The Powerful Gojek Clone like App has given a digital platform to Restaurants, Grocery Marts, Pharmacies, Doctors, Lawyers, Plumbers, Electricians, Beauticians’ and 70+ diverse genre of On-Demand Service Providers a unique opportunity to broaden their customer base and increase their sales.


Gojek Clone App is a profit-making business venture that yields exceptional and colossal results! Because the Entrepreneur can make easy and quick money by the virtue of its Commission-based Business Model. It is here the Entrepreneur earns Commission on every single order delivered and service rendered through the App. Commission is a certain percentage of the revenue generated by the Service Provider per order that the App Owner is entitled to collect. And these Commission Rates differ based on the type of the Service offered.

Gojek Clone


It is yet another business model of Apps like Gojek!

The App Owner personally designs and curates these Subscription Plans with varying validity periods that come with a specific expiry date. The Validity Period could be of a Month, Two-Months, Three Months, Half-Yearly and Annually. Then it is up to the Service Providers to choose a Subscription Plan of one’s choice and make a one-time payment. Once the Subscription is bought and active, the Service Provider has to no longer give Commissions to the App Owner per order.

However, if the Service Provider doesn’t renew the Plan before the Expiry Date, then the Service Provider can no longer accept Service Requests on the On Demand Multi Service App.


Multi Service App like Gojek has recently launched a new feature that allows a single Vendor to register under more than one category. A Bakery Store can send in an application to the App Owner to be registered under one more category of Restaurants. The App Owner enjoys the exclusive authority to decide whether or not to approve the Request.

The Entrepreneurs usually accepts the Application because of their vested interests in doing so.

Since the App Owner earns Commission on every single order placed on the App irrespective of how many Service Providers are associated with it, the Entrepreneur has generated an additional stream of revenue by allowing one Vendor to offer two different genres of Services. The Entrepreneur stands to earn twice the Commission amount per Service Provider because of this feature!



You might ask me how so?

  1. Let’s start with Restaurants, Grocery Marts, Pharmacies and Stationery Stores

I’m talking about such Family Businesses and Local Merchants who do not have any Franchise and are able to cater to people living nearby up to the radius of 5 miles. This restricts their growth and is seen as a major hurdle in expanding one’s business and increasing sales. This is why this App connected each of these Service Providers to their Potential Customers by building a digital platform where the User has to login once to have direct access to 70+ services.


But with this App, these same Restaurants, Grocery Marts, Medical Stores are able to deliver their products as far as 15 miles away from their location!


This is indeed a big achievement and a boon for such Service Providers!

But what about Independent Workers such as Electricians, Plumbers, Carpenters, Maids, Dog Walkers?

This App became their ultimate and only platform to render services apart from all the business they’d get through Word-Of-Mouth. Since these skilled individuals do not have enough resources to open a store for themselves, they have benefitted the most from using such a dynamic and resourceful platform.


Even when the world is still grappling with Covid-19 induced Pandemic, certain Service Providers have been doing well and raking in profits all thanks to this SuperApp. The demand for their Services have been at all high!


You want me to give you certain examples! Right? Then we go…

Car Wash, Beauticians-On Demand, Taxi Rides, Food and Grocery delivery at the Users’ doorstep, Medicines getting delivered in one hour from the nearest Pharmacies and Parcel Delivery. But hey, I completely forgot about the Delivery Runner who’d run errands for you, who’d get anything from anywhere for your loved ones.



Gojek Clone App has provided livelihood to millions of Vendors who were otherwise rendered homeless and without a job because of massive downsizing undertaken by the companies during the Pandemic. It has a soft side too. But Entrepreneurs love it because it’s their money-making machine. They earn Commission on every single order placed and service rendered through the Gojek clone app.

All the current Gojek Clone App Owners would be raking in profits in US Dollars as I write this article. Do you want to be a successful Entrepreneur who realises one’s dreams and fulfils them all? Do you want to make quick money in an ethical way, then contact V3Cube right after taking your Poodle out for a walk and launch your very own Business like Gojek in record 7 days and become millionaires!

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