How Can Numerology Help In Choosing A Partner For Marriage?


Similar to Vedic astrology, with numerology too, one’s future can be predicted, says the most trustworthy numerologist online. If you are looking to get married but still in search of the right partner, then you can use numerology.

We usually get puzzled when it comes to selecting a partner for marriage. In such a case, prior to finalizing someone as your life partner, try everything to know his/her personality, nature, and many other things.

Compatibility Based On Numbers

Number 1

For the natives of this number, those can be a great life partner whose radix number is either 1, 4, or 7. As per numerology, if you wish to be with someone for lifetime, you’ll experience a better relationship with people associated with these radix numbers.

Number 2

As per a famous numerologist online, natives of this radix number must look for those who were born from 20th June to 27th July for marriage. Also, their radix number must be 2. These people can be great partners, and you’ll enjoy a happy marital life with them.

Number 3

The radix number is 3 of those born from 19th February to 21st March and 21st November to 21st December, says the best numerologist in India. These people can be great partners for those with the radix number 3.

Number 4

Those with radix number 4 must look for people having the same radix and born from 21st March to 28th April or 10th July to 20th August. Such people can be nice life partners for the natives of radix number 4.

Number 5

Those born between 21st May to 20th June and 21st August to 20th September have radix number 5. These people can be great life partners for those with the same radix number.

Number 6

For people connected with radix number 6, those with the same radix and born between 21st September-19th October or 20th April-18th May make the perfect companions.

Number 7

As per numerology, those having radix 7 and 1 can be great life partners. Likewise, anyone having radix 7 and born between January and February will too prove to be fortunate for them.

Number 8

People who are born on the 8th, 17th, 26th of any month can be a good companion for those having radix number 8. With them, you can enjoy a better relationship.

Number 9

People born on the 9th, 18th, and 27th can be great companions for those having radix number 9.

Numbers That May Face Trouble in Married Life

1. Number 4

Duos who have tied the knot on the 4th or the date where a unification of numbers is 4, like 13, 22, and 31 will go through financial issues. These can be the cause of separation. As per numerology, the shortage of wealth will have enduring character.

2. Number 5

Getting married on the 5th or the date where an amalgamation of numbers is 5, for example 14, or 23 reflects issues owing to selfishness. There can be separation among partners as there will be lack of shared understanding (the foundation of a blissful marital life).

3. Number 8

If the wedding date is 8th or the date where a unification of number is 8, like 17, 26, there are chances of undergoing parting much more than the prior numbers. The number 8 is the most horrible date to decide since this preference might lead to parting due to the death of any one spouse or even both, psychological or bodily torture or other unpleasant things.  

Recommendations by Numerology Consultation Online

  1.     Avoid marrying any person who has number 1 because the marriage will not last long because of the fact that this number will strive to become a leader in a marital relationship. Parting is perhaps not the worst thing that can take place to such partners as this number can file fake charges and even transfer the person with number 2 to jail. Those who were born on the May 2 have quite a few sex scandals in their lifetime. That’s the reason it is advised to look after your status.
  2.     One must neglect marrying those with 8, 17, and 26 dates of birth. These indicate both single numbers and life path numbers. Those with 8 as their single number cannot contribute to the family contentment of those with number 3. Keep in mind that those having 4 cannot be the right matches since they are great chatterboxes while those with 3 are not so chatty.
  3.     Numerologists advise not to get married to someone with the same birthday number. This is because the combination of 2 leaders is not to get you success in marital life. The relationship will be full of sorrow and misery due to the partners struggling to have mutual understanding.

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