How is Investing in the Indian Stock Market Profitable? 

How is Investing in the Indian Stock Market Profitable

The stock market or share market is one of the main markets for investors and different companies. Many types of investment opportunities are available in the stock market. One of the most recommended investments is an IPO. 

The upcoming IPO, such as LIC IPO, is also a very popular IPO launch. Over the last two years, several IPOs have gained significant returns for their investors. Moreover, beginners to the stock market can also invest in the IPO by opening a Demat account from a reputed broking company.

The Government of India has announced the launch of the LIC  IPO in the year 2020. It is considered one of the biggest IPO in the Indian Stock Market. Before diving into the IPO. Let us know about the LIC (Life Insurance Company of India ). It is a statutory insurance and investment company. LIC was established in Mumbai in 1956. The company is owned and managed by the government of India. You can say that LIC is the most trusted and oldest insurance company in India. It is one of the top insurance companies in the Indian Market. It has multiple financial products for investing and insurance for the people in India. 

The Indian government owns the company’s majority shares, about 100% of the company, around 634.24 crores rupees.

To apply for an IPO, you need to have a PAN card. The PAN card is used to create a Demat account, and this is where you can deposit your IPO holdings. There is a simple way to invest in IPOs. You need to go on to IIFL Securities and click on the IPO and click the LIC IPO. There you can gain complete knowledge about the LIC IPO. There is timely update and fact full information available on the IPO. Then, you can open the Demat and trading account with IIFL Securities to start your stock market investment. It is one of the leading and customer-friendly brokerage firms in India.

Investing in the stock market is profitable due to many reasons. The reason is as follows:

Easy to Invest

Stock market investments are easy due to the internet. With online trading, you can directly buy and sell shares in seconds. You have to complete your KYC process and submit all the necessary documents to the broker. The broker firm provides you with customer-friendly service. And you can have your financial securities in a digital format. A digital format of securities is safe and convenient to transfer in less time.

Reliable Broker Service

Brokers are of two types: discount brokers and full-time brokers.  A discount broker provides a platform for manual trading and offers low fees for its customers. At the same time, a full-time broker offers much more services like financial advisor, retirement, healthcare, and other finance-related services. A full-time broker service charges a premium fee which includes a percentage of your trade and assets. Other than this, they also manage and diversify your portfolios for better returns. 

Beat the Inflation

Inflation never stops or slows down for anyone. To beat the inflation, you can invest in stock for the long term goals. As inflation rises, so does the price of stocks. So you need to choose your stock wisely to make better returns on the long term investments. Holding investment for a generous return on the stock is a better option than selling your securities at a loss.

Capture Your Profits

You really can make a profit from your stock investments. Most traders use a simple strategy to buy low and sell high stocks. There are various securities in the stock market, such as Equity, Mutual funds, commodities, Futures & Options and more. 

There are multiple strategies and methods of trading in the stock market. Investors can check the put-call ratio and other aspects of options trading. In the bull runs, traders buy high and sell at a higher price. These are short term trades. You can also earn a dividend as a timely payout on your stock holdings. These dividends are a small profit that the company offers to individual stockholders. You can find companies that offer a good and regular dividend to receive a regular income from your stock market investing.


Investing is a risky affair. But if you plan and invest in small amounts, you can get good results. You can now make your financial portfolio and trade through your stockbroker platforms as you read why investing in the stock market is profitable. As per the historical data, stocks offer a good amount of returns depending on the capitalization sector. However, you should also remember that investing in stock often comes with a risk, so think and research before investing in any type of security.

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