How Reusing of Kraft Boxes is Helpful for Atmosphere?

In all over the world global warming and pollution are increasing day by day. To overcome these negative environmental facts the environmentalist has proposed as well as trying to impose environment-friendly things. Use of plastic packing is one of the main causes of the pollution. This is because of their non-degradable property. Perhaps, they are also proved to be fatal. To avoid serious environmental problems the organizations are now trying to pack things in the degradable and reusable material. Off these, cardboard and paper boxes are most commonly used. The cardboard box is also known as Kraft box getting popularity due to their number of benefits.

Benefits of Kraft Papers

Custom kraft boxes have become an important part of any industry. Either you buy the food or doing shopping for clothes. You will get these products in beautiful kraft packaging. This is because of the following reasons

  1. Biodegradable nature

The major benefit that we will find with the kraft boxes is that their biodegradable nature. The paper companies can reprocess the waste and used boxes to give them entirely a new look. These are environment-friendly products and there are no chances of pollution. The plastic packaging does not degrade in fact, it consumes oxygen thus producing harmful effects.

  1. Less price for using recycled paper

Manufacturers require less cost to produce the Kraft boxes because the raw material is cheap. Therefore, the price of the end product is also less. The retailers get the wholesale kraft boxes at an economical price. In this way, the consumer can get their product in eco-friendly packaging at the nominal price range.

  1. Easy printing

It is very convenient to print anything on the kraft paper. The box supports multiple printing options like litho, screen printing and digital printing. Furthermore, people can also write with pencils and markers or do paint to give the box a special custom look. Because of easy printing capabilities, people use the custom printed kraft packaging to pack their product. This not only enhances the look of the item but also the main mode of advertisement of the company.

  1. Broad usage of kraft boxes

We cannot decline the broad usage of the printed kraft box or plain corrugated card boxes. Almost all industries in the world are using this environment-friendly packaging stuff. Pack the food, electronics, accessories, clothes, decoration pieces and whatever you want to pack.

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How to Reuse the Kraft Boxes?

There are several ways to utilize and reuse the kraft boxes. You can decorate the kraft box with windows to make a special gift box or cut down the box into pieces to create some learning activity for kids.

  • Cut the custom printed kraft boxes in a circular shape to use under furniture as a slider to prevent the floor.
  • If you have useless kraft boxes, cut in tags form, make a hole in it to hang with the ribbon to anywhere you need. These can be the best gift tags if you decorate with colors and some beautiful images.
  • The environmental-friendly cardboards are best weed protectors. You simply have to place on the weed prone area and then water it. Place some soil on it to get permanent prevention from weeds.
  • One of the best DIY frames you can make with kraft boxes with windows. Paste your picture on the window of the box. Decorate border with ribbon or paste stickers on the border. Inside the box, you can place other photos. Isn’t it an interesting way to keep save your photos? You can even gift this frame to your loved ones. Instead of photos keep some gift product to make the present special to whom you want to give it.
  • You can save the old cardboard boxes easily by opening its folding. Make a stack and keep in the store at dry place. This is because the moisture may harm the boxes as fungus may attack the box or it may damage the compactness of box thus making it useless. You can use boxes in future for packing your house stuff for shifting or some other purpose.

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Different Designs of Kraft Boxes

Custom kraft packaging is available in a variety of designs. The manufactures can order wholesale kraft packaging according to the type of item they have to pack in it. Some of the common designs that are available in the market are

  • Kraft lid boxes made of kraft clipboard. To give a box strength, the kraft paper covering is present on it.
  • Whale boxes packaging. The type is useful for packing the pizza.
  • A4 kraft lid boxes for packing of the cards
  • Lid boxes with the natural self-designed covering
  • Kraft packaging with the interlocking system
  • Heart-shaped box
  • Die cut kraft box for storage of jewelry
  • Kraft drawer box
  • Kraft paper carton bag
  • Kraft gift hamper box with separate lid
  • Chinese kraft paper box

The paper manufacturer recycles the paper and old boxes into the new form. From where industrialist and wholesalers buy the wholesale kraft packaging. The dealers then sell the plain kraft packaging or they send them to the printing press and where the boxes are given new customized look. Manufactures also design the boxes according to the demand of the client. These wholesale printed kraft boxes with special logo, themes, color effects are supplied.

The cardboard boxes or printed kraft boxes are in demand just because of its eco-friendly nature, support to the different colors and unique designs. Industrialists are doing effort to completely diminish the use of plastic packaging to avoid pollution as well as any harmful effects that are present due to non-degradable packaging stuff.

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