How to Have a Bollywood Themed Indian Wedding

Have you ever contemplated having an Indian wedding with a Bollywood theme? And if you and your mate be movie buffs or not, we’re guessing you’ve bonded over a good Bollywood film-wearing celebrity like bridal lehenga at some stage in your lives. Yes, Bollywood is all over the place. But if you think your wedding would be a getaway from this portion of your life, guess again!

Bollywood is no longer limited to the big screen. Indian cinema’s influence has touched every corner of the globe, and you’ll be willing to embrace it as well! Read on if you’re thinking about throwing a Bollywood-themed Indian wedding.

Keep a Theme Party

This is certainly a must-have for a Bollywood wedding. One day, everyone should dress up as their favorite Bollywood celebrity. If you have a large group of relatives and friends, this can be a good option. It’ll be even more fun to watch your family vie for the best bridal gowns! Perhaps you could organize a small fashion show for anyone to show off their attire!

What good is a Hindi cinema wedding if you don’t live up to the film’s spirit? We recommend that you and your companion do a medley of popular songs from their favorite film or era. Try to include a range of components in the medley—make your audience laugh, weep, and anything in between you’ll have a blast preparing for it!

Do your own research through social media

It’s not a bad idea to do some research, fellas! Check out some of the available internet resources for Bollywood-themed weddings. The majority of them will contain life-size cutouts of stars and actresses that can be printed or displayed at a photo studio. After all, there’s nothing like having your picture taken in the best lehenga for your wedding with famous people you’ve never met!

Social media is the best medium to know through details of just anybody learn about your favorite celebrities wedding night and take inspiration from there.

The Entry

Mostly the entry of a bride and groom in Bollywood movies is just ravishing and full of colors and dance songs. Get your family involved and prepare a dance song with your whole family.

A Bollywood wedding is all about having a good time and laughing. We recommend that you maintain a positive attitude in your traditional bridal lehenga and do not allow traditional ceremonies such as the bidaai to damper your spirits. It might be a fun idea to rethink and perform traditional traditions in a new way. Are you considering a baraat in a vintage automobile rather than a horse? We’re the same way!

Involve each family member in the decided theme

This may seem small today, but it could be very strange for your attendees to arrive and not realize they’re at a Bollywood wedding ceremony! Send out pre-wedding invitations and make sure they respond affirmatively to keep everyone informed. You could even come up with some pretty unique Materialistic ways of breaking the news while you’re at it!

Hire camera people who know how to create magic

What would an Ionic wedding be without a video? Nothing! As a result, make damn sure you plus your spouse are ready to pose for the camera and throw in only some candid shots when the camera crew is shooting. Greater you let go of your inhibitions, the richer and funnier the movie will become!

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