How to maintain your erection longer

How to maintain your erection longer

All men want to make their partners feel amazing in bed. They believe that the bigger the penis is the better the pleasure will be for the woman. Well, this is not true at all. There are plenty of things that couples can do in bed for intense pleasure. And, the good news is that a big penis is not required for that. Yet, if you are a man and you want to know how to maintain your erection longer, then here are some useful tips.

Date an escort for experience

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Learn more about women and about what they actually want in bed. All this information will help you make your future girlfriend very happy and satisfied. These ladies are very experienced, which is why you should give them a call. Choose a reliable escort agency and schedule a date with a beautiful and sexy girl. It may be a brunette, a redhead or a blonde. It is up to you what choice you make. 

Also, make sure you discuss all the details before paying the escort. Note that some services might cost you extra. Talk openly and honestly about your wishes. The escort will be more than happy to make you feel great. This is her job, to make her clients feel excellent. Plus, you will gain that experience that will help you have a satisfied sex life in the future. 

Interesting things about men 

Many men feel insecure about two things: sex and the dimensions of their penis. Men in any field are proud of the dimensions of their genital organs and the time period they can withstand in bed. They consider that a penis above the medium dimensions and their sexual performance can help to satisfy their partner’s sexual appetite. Men cannot do too much when it comes to the dimensions that their penises have, apart from plastic surgery. 

Yet, they can still control premature ejaculation problems and therefore sex can last longer. The ability to finish quickly and easily can be a very good thing in different areas of life, but this does not apply when it comes to sex. Premature ejaculation is a very common problem. It usually causes stress for couples looking for different ways to make sex last longer. Researchers have found that, although an amazing 45% percent have premature ejaculation problems within two minutes, the average duration of sex is 7.3 minutes. 

This is 4 minutes less than a woman’s ideal time. These statistics can be very discouraging for both men and women. The good news is that sexual and resistance performance can be improved in several ways. You have to remember that not all men are cursed to be the guy who finishes in less than a unit. Here I present some less-known things that can really help you to resist longer in the bedroom and which you most likely have not yet known. 

A larger belly 

Good people, dimensions don’t really matter when it comes to sex. The larger the belly, the better the lover, according to a study done a few years ago. Overweight men who have obvious bellies have resisted on average for a period of 7.3 minutes, compared to the other men in shape, who have just resisted for two minutes. Although it can seem productive, researchers have found that more abdominal fat means that the man has more estradiol. This is a female sex hormone that can help inhibit orgasm. 

The circumcision of adults 

 The phrase “better later than ever” applies in several aspects of life, especially when it comes to circumcision done at maturity. A study showed that circumcised men needed “significantly more time” to ejaculate after making a circumcision when they were adults. Ironically, this can be considered advantageous, instead of a complication, when it comes to lasting more time. Time until ejaculation may be different. That’s because the loss of the skin is something different from the things to which these men have become accustomed. 

Exercises for pelvic muscles and vegetarian diet

Exercises for pelvic muscles are not only for women or for those who suffer from bladder problems. They can also help treat patients suffering from premature ejaculation. The good news about these exercises is that are very easy to make. Plus, you can make them whenever you want and as many times as you want. The results will be amazing. You will have a better sex life as your erection will last longer. 

For example, a banana has a high potassium content, a nutrient that can help you produce sex hormones and give you more physical energy. Tests have shown that vegetarians can last longer in bed and their orgasms are more intense. For making the best food choices, you should consult a nutritionist. He will help you learn more about eating healthy. And, since you are going to have a healthier lifestyle, your sex life will also highly improve. 

Learn new sex positions

There are various sex positions that can help a man maintain his erection for a longer period of time. Learn more about these positions and start applying them. You will see how great your sex life will be. There is nothing better that a long and intense sex session. You will feel excellent, not to mention your partner who will be more than satisfied. Sex is so good and so healthy as well. 

Don’t forget that good sex will improve your general health, which will be amazing for you. You can learn more about this topic by following some online sex courses. There are plenty of them. Join one if you want to improve your intimate life and take sex to another level. 

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