How to Recognize Your Boss on National Boss Day

Do you have a great boss? Consider yourself lucky! According to the job board Monster, 76% of the job seekers on their site think their boss is “toxic”. A good boss can be hard to find, and they can make all the difference between making work the job of your dreams or a total nightmare.

In fact, according to the Harvard Business Review, a nice boss can improve your team’s productivity, reduce your stress, and even make you feel happier and healthier. If your boss has helped you grow and thrive, take a moment to recognize their work on National Boss Day. If you are unfamiliar with this underrated holiday, this article can be your beginner’s guide to appreciating the good managers in your life. 

When is National Boss Day?

The official date of National Boss Day is October 16. If October 16 falls on a weekend, then observing it on October 15 or 17 is appropriate.

How To Determine Appropriate Ways to Celebrate National Boss Day

Each workplace is different, as is each supervisor. Consider your manager’s personality, as well as your office culture, before you decide what to do. Some questions to ask yourself are:

 1. Is your boss extroverted or introverted?

If they are outgoing, a small office party could be fun. But if they are more quiet and reserved, they may appreciate a simple, handwritten card.

 2. Is your office like a family, or do folks prefer to separate work and their personal life?

If your office regularly hits up happy hour, make a toast to your boss during the first round on October 16. If your team does not socialize regularly, perhaps a few kind words at the opening of your team meeting that day would be more appropriate.

 3. Is money tight right now?

It may be tempting to purchase a gift but tread lightly if you choose to go this route. You may be able to afford $10 for a gift, but other coworkers may not. In addition, many companies have policies that forbid staff from giving large gifts to their bosses.

If you decide to buy your manager a gift, it would be better to choose something that is inexpensive, but personal. Or, if you work in a creative office, consider making a gift.

Celebrate National Boss Day Your Way

Ultimately, there is no right way to recognize your supervisor on National Boss Day. What matters is that you acknowledge the people in your work family who make your day (and your career) happier, less stressful, and more productive. You do not even have to wait until October 16 if you want to celebrate earlier.

Remember the options we’ve mentioned: 

  1. Through a small office party
  2. Write a simple, handwritten card
  3. Make a toast to your boss over drinks
  4. Share a few kind words about your boss
  5. Purchase a small, inexpensive gift 
  6. Give a homemade gift

Whatever you decide to do, make sure that it makes sense for you, your boss, your office culture, and your budget. If you still need ideas, the telecommunications company Ooma has compiled a list of Seven Ways to Recognize Your Boss on National Boss Day. Have fun and happy planning!

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