How To Share Location On iPhone In 4 Different Ways

The iPhone is an Apple smartphone that combines a computer, an iPod, a digital camera, a mobile phone, and a touch screenshot. The iPhone operates the iOS operating system, which offered up to 256 GB of storage and a 12-megapixel camera by 2020 when the iPhone 12 was introduced.

You can also have your iPhone tell someone precisely where you are, we can share location on iPhone and tell them you are on your way. Here’s what you got to do. You gotta do it.

In general, the complaint is that too much location data is shared on your iPhone by different apps, but you sometimes want to let people know where you are. You may meet colleagues, perhaps you want your partner to know that you arrived somewhere safely. For this you can share location on iPhone. 

You decide whether they are once or permanently at your place. And you can start by configuring your iPhone by sharing location on iPhone.

When it comes to the iPhone, we thought it’s difficult to share location on iPhone. But is that really a difficulty? No, it’s just because the iPhone works a bit differently from other smartphones so we find it difficult to share location on iPhone. 

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You must enable location services before examining the different ways of sharing your location. Here are the steps to enable location services on your iPhone:

  1. Start the app Settings.
  2. Go to privacy.
  3. Choose Services of Location.
  4. To activate the location services, tap the slider on the position. Location Services are on when the slider is green.

You can do more in this Settings Location Services section. You can set your iPhone with one specific limitation so that a nominee can always find where you are.

The restriction is that the person must be a family member. That’s, you have to set them up with family sharing as such.

At least not in this section, you can not add just any contact you have to it. This is a restriction but it is a decent trade in a security, as anyone here you choose can check your location whenever they like. You can also share locations through various methods in upcoming paragraphs you will get to know how to share location on iPhone. 

How To Share Location On iPhone?

How To Share Location On iPhone?

When you purchased the new iPhone some questions may be there in your head, how to share my location. You can share location with anybody through various means, we can do it on iPhone too. Nowadays whenever we feel afraid or whatever be the reason it’s the best thing that we can share our location to anybody easily, if our phone is lost then we can reach out to it easily if we have turned on the location already. 

So in today’s article, we will discuss all the possible methods, how to share the location on iPhone. 

The ways by which we how to share location on iPhone are :

  1. How to send location on iPhone to someone? 
  2. How to share location on iPhone with the help of messages? 
  3. How to share location on iPhone for specific times? 
  4. How to share location through apple maps? 

So now we discuss the given points one by one, how we can do location sharing in simple and easy steps. 

How To Share Location On iPhone To Someone?

  • Under Settings, tap Share My Location in Location Services. 
  • Tap a person you want to share with. 
  • Scroll to the very bottom of the contact details page and tap share my location. 

Repeat the same steps, and tap what has become of stop sharing location iPhone in My Location if you wish to change your mind later.

This is how you can temporarily share my location iPhone. This is the first and the simplest method of sharing the locations on the iPhone. You can easily share the location by following these simple steps and find your iPhone from Anywhere by easy tracking. 

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How To Share Location On iPhone With Help Of Messages?

So after the first point, we will come to the messages, how to share iPhone locator through messages. 

  • Open messages 
  • Begin a discussion
  • Tap the name of the person above the screen
  • Now tap into the I button below your name.
  • Tap Sending My Location
  • There’s a second option, Share My Location. It seems the same as the one that you set up in Settings, but it is subtly different.
  • This version allows you to share messages with anyone, whether or not they are in the family. In addition, you can also decide how much time you want them to know where you are. 

You do this with sending an individual, but when you want to send a group, exactly the same thing happens. Make sure you start a Message conversation with everyone concerned.

There’s a second option, share my location. It seems the same as the one that you set up in Settings, but it is subtly different.

This version allows you to share messages with anyone, whether or not they are in the family. In addition, you can also decide how much time you want them to know where you are.

How To Share Location On iPhone For Specific Times?

By sharing the location we assure that if in some case our iPhone gets lost, we are able to find it by find my iPhone location as the location is on so we can easily track the iPhone that exactly where it is now. 

  • Open messages 
  • Begin with a conversation
  • Tap the name of the person above the screen
  • Now tap into the I button below your name
  • Tap Sending My Location
  • Choose from indefinitely share or share for 1 hour until the end of the day.

So you can go for sharing location on iPhone for example, make sure your boss knows where you are always. More useful and less slowly, even when one of them runs late can be found by the group you meet.

You can do something similar outside of the Messages by finding someone in your Contacts List and tap Share My Place, by iPhone share location. The amount of time you want to share is different from your pop-up, but you have the same options. 

Now, you can share the location feel safe anywhere you are you can be found easily by your location only, it was the method for a specific time duration. So it was all about how to enable location on iPhone. 

How To Share Location Through Apple Maps?

  • Tap the small, blue point representing you
  • Open Apple Maps
  • A panel shows your location details, including options Share My Place
  • Tap Share My Place
  • Choose how to share it (via Messages, for instance)
  • If a thumbnail map appears in the message field
  •  Tap the blue arrow to send it.

If in Apple Maps, you tap My Location, and you get optional sharing options, it’s actually a standard share sheet. By this, you can use option of apple to find an iPhone location.

You can first receive alternatives like AirDrop or even your To-Do app, along with methods of sending information to other people via message or email.

Neither will be very helpful as if someone who wants to know where you’re in the AirDrop range could see you probably.

However, sharing a text file or an App To Make can be helpful to share your locations with someone at a later point in time. If you’re saying you want to log into a place for expenses, the location of your map data is harder to deny than your receipting list.

So these were some points how you can share the location, we think like now all the questions like findmyiPhone, how to share location, all these queries are resolved. 

Share My Location Not Working Properly.

You have purchased a new iPhone and share my location is not working then it’s not that big trouble, we will discuss all the possibilities of how to get this problem fixed on your iPhone. Read the article and the coming steps carefully. 

The problem arises due to a bug that the share my location is not enabled in your iPhone yet or this activity is restricted in your iPhone for some reason. 

So to resolve this issue you have to log into iCloud to share your location to iMessage and other supported applications on iPhone. 

  • Steps to log into iCloud and get your location shared
  • Go to “ConfigurationiCloud
  •  Now click “Set Family Shares 
  • invite members of your family to the group
  • Go to settings 
  • Scroll down
  • Click on share my location 

Now your location is shown to all the people you want to share the location with. So it was an easy procedure of sharing location by using iCloud. 

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We have discussed all the methods of sharing my location on my iPhone. So now you can easily take the help of this article and follow the basic steps and share your location with your loved ones. At last, we have covered sharing my location through iCloud. Until you don’t have my share location enabled to your device you can share location through iCloud and it’s quite easy and not lengthy. So we hope you liked this article. If you face any problem in sharing a location, reread the steps carefully and you will be all set to share your location with anyone.

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