How Your Custom CBD Boxes Can Shine in the Rapid Growing Cannabis Industry

Custom CBD Boxes

Design Your Custom CBD Boxes to Boost Your Sales

CBD has been widely accepted as a successful natural alternative treatment for many different ailments over the past few years. In most parts of the world, the legality of using CBD is no longer an issue, and with its acceptance, commercialization has taken off at a rapid pace. The rise in popularity created new opportunities to explore different product packaging options. When it comes to Custom CBD Boxes, many factors need to be considered when choosing a box design for this particular market. 

When selling CBD products, it’s important to have an effective and eye-catching packaging design. This will help boost your sales and attract new customers. Here are some tips for designing your CBD boxes:

Use Colors That Represent CBD

The colors you use on your CBD boxes can play a big role in attracting customers. Some colors that represent CBD include green, blue, and purple. You can also use shades of these colors to create an attractive and professional design.

Use Images That Reflect the Benefits of CBD

Images are another important part of your box design. They can help communicate the benefits of CBD to potential customers. Images could include people who look happy and healthy.

Design Your CBD Boxes to Look Professional

No matter what products you have, always make sure your box design looks professional and up-to-date. For example, if you sell CBD gummies, include the ingredients and their effects on your packaging design. If you can’t afford an expensive graphic designer for this job, try us as we can do it on reasonable budget.

Include How CBD Is Made In Your CBD Boxes

Many customers will want to know how CBD is made or where it comes from before they consider buying your product. Make sure to dedicate at least one section of your packaging to explain these points clearly and concisely so that customers can make an informed decision.

Use Text to Communicate the Benefits of CBD

Some customers might not be interested in reading long paragraphs about CBD. In this case, use bullet points or short phrases to list the benefits of your product. This will help customers quickly understand what your product can do for them.

You can create an attractive and informative package for your cannabis products by following these tips. Not only will this expand your sales, but it will also help ensure the safety of your customers.

custom printed cbd boxes

Factors that Affect Positively in Cannabis Packaging

Packaging is a vital factor in the success of any business. When it comes to cannabis products, especially CBD products, it’s even more important to make sure your packaging is effective and informative. By using colors, images, and text that represent CBD, you can create a design that is both professional and eye-catching. Remember to explain how CBD is made and list the benefits of your product so that customers can decide whether to buy your product or not. With the right CBD box design, you can increase sales and attract new customers.


As a general rule, CBD gummies usually come in bottles within a similar size range as traditional candy-gum bottles or vitamin containers. Some may vary slightly depending on the type of gummies your business is selling, but the size of the CBD box needed for these types of products just like Custom Vape Boxes and E-Cigarette Boxes is very minimal. On the other hand, larger sized health bars are usually packed in larger sized boxes. 


Since customers are not always aware that they are purchasing a CBD product, adding an element of discretion to your packaging design will help avoid any confusion or embarrassment that may arise from exposing unsuspecting people to cannabis products. A simple and clean user interface (UI) can go a long way towards this end. 


Building strong brand awareness through unique designs and high-quality printing methods would be beneficial to attract and entice new customers. Extended branding on your Printed CBD Boxes will greatly increase the chance of your CBD product being recalled by customers. 


Since most CBD products are very light in weight, choosing a smaller box that can accommodate multiple units without compromising space or making them too bulky for shipping methods is more economical. Some manufacturers may prefer to use CBD Boxes Wholesale with branded exterior panels and plain inner panels for their CBD products. It allows them to print individualized information on each one of these boxes at a later stage, saving time & money over using pre-printed boxes. The outcome is that if you want your business to succeed, investing some time into reviewing all aspects of your packaging design before settling on the perfect box type for your CBD based products should be a top priority.

Looking For High Quality CBD Boxes?

Our packaging company provides high-quality, childproof custom printed CBD boxes for medical and recreational dispensaries. Look no further than us! We have years of experience in the packaging industry and can help you choose the perfect box type for your product. Contact us today to learn more!


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