Inducing Office Décor Ideas For the year 2022

This year has witnessed people trying to regularize their lifestyle and fit into a relatively stabling world. The fact however is that we have evolved into a hybrid style of working and our needs have changed irrevocably. These changes are reflected in the décor style of the year too.

  • Biophilic designs

Though Biophilic designs have been around for a longer time, post corona renovation has seen its adoption in a wider perspective. Connecting to nature has been found to be directly proportional to productivity and overall wellbeing. Today Biophilic design is not limited to indoor plants but to natural lights, fresh air and even the scents of the greenery.

  • Furniture designs

Furniture opted are also representative to flexibility. Gone are the strict straight square cuts and space consuming furniture. Oval curved and rounded are in thing this year with offices opting for a softer tones. Hiring interior decorators in Bangalore help you procure the right furniture for the right price.

  • Cabinet extravagance

Gone are the cabinets need to be camouflaged” era! Now the cabinets double up as decorative wall hanging with few utility rings and hanging accessories. The floating shelves are in things today with walls being utilized more and more. The cabinets are often designed into the walls during construction itself. They lend themselves to a creative splash on the wall

  • Sustainable Practices

With Prudence taking a forefront today, Value for money is sought after everywhere. Energy saving, sustainable practices have been ushered in with exuberance hitherto unforeseen. Tapping on natural light and air to reduce the energy bills, using up the open spaces as temporary offices, reusing and repurposing worn out décor etc. 

  • Loads of Texture

Textures are back this year, with multipurpose materials which can be struck or removed easily. Every décor lends itself to change so that they can either be reused or changed easily. Polished surfaces are easier to clean but walls and partitions can be indulged with textured décor as they can accentuate the tone we want to set off the office

  • Indoor-Outdoor Living

More and more offices are optimizing the utility of all the available spaces, especially the outdoor ones. Flexible drapes and screen on the wheels along with modern gadgets help in setting up temporary offices rather easily. Moreover in places with moderate weather like Bangalore, outdoor offices can function for most part of the year.

  • More open space

With commercial space getting more and more expensive, it is up to the interior decorators to make the available space, roomier through creative solutions. This year has brought in more emphasis of the same. DE cluttered, roomier and airier spaces are the style of this year. Our office interior designers in Bangalore recommend a blend of both.

  • More funky and colorful

Gone are the days which office spelt, dark somber and formal looks. Today’s world is all about productivity and output. The office too should be reflecting the same. The office space color palette of the year is colorful and funky. Another thing to be kept in mind is that today offices have more walk in customers and so the office needs to represent the company brand in all the touch points especially in the offices. A colorful office is more popular with customers too.

This year décor has brought in the trends which are more aligned to functionality rather than looks. This trend represents our evolution as mankind and is pushing us closer to the universal synchronicity. Come let’s celebrate the evolution in creativity and spirituality.

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