iPad Air advantages and disadvantages, the good and the bad of Apple’s new star tablet

iPad Air advantages and disadvantages, the good and the bad of Apple's new star tablet

Apple this year introduced its new iPad Air which is basically last year’s iPad Retina with a new slimmer and lighter design that adopted the word “Air” at the end of its name referring to how light it is. The new iPad Air has presented great novelties compared to the previous generation and is the most advanced 10.1-inch iPad in the house. With this in mind, today we are going to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of this interesting tablet that, as attractive as it is, has a few disadvantages that it is important to take into account before venturing to purchase. iPad Air advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of the iPad Air


As the main advantage, we can assess the new design implemented in the iPad Air. The company’s new tablet has an attractive design that has cut both its weight and thickness by more than 30%. In this way, the iPad Air is presented as one of the thinnest tablets on the market, flaunting Apple’s practice in creating exceptional designs that innovate in the field of consumer technology.

Retina display

It is not an advantage that it is new. In fact, the iPad has a Retina screen for almost two years. However, when looking at the competition that often offers us screens of at most 1280 x 800 pixels, the truth is that a resolution of 2560 x 1560 pixels is quite enviable. With all the iPad Air has more resolution than a Full HD television and that these televisions have screens of more than 20 inches. iPad Air advantages and disadvantages,

64-bit Apple A7 processor

In a curious and unexpected move by Apple, the company equipped both its new iPad Mini and its iPad Air with its new Apple A7 processor. This processor was introduced with the iPhone 5s in September and is the first processor to carry a 64-bit architecture for mobile devices. This means that it is the most powerful mobile processor on the market, making the iPad Air the fastest tablet on the market, being twice as fast as its previous generation.


Apple iPad is also Beatable for gamers. Many gamers Use iPads for PUBG Mobile. Because they provide a responsive Gameplay than Android. All top PUBG players also prefer iPads for gaming. They give Humble reviews for Apple iPads. And When you start a Game You don’t feel any lag on the iPad. Because these are Designed for Gaming. So you don’t need Any Helpful apps or files for Lag fix than other Android tablets or Mobile phones. iPad Air advantages and disadvantages.


Beyond the fact that Apple has the most attractive Apps market in the world, it is important to note that with the company’s new tablets, the company also opted to give its customers the iLife and iWork apps. This means that apps like a Garage band, iPhoto, and iMovie that used to cost us 5 dollars are now free and work apps like Pages, Numbers, and Keynotes are also added to the offer. In this way, Apple intends to show us that the iPad, beyond being a nice accessory, can also be a powerful work tool.

Improved 4G connectivity

With the new iPad Air the company endowed its tablet with compatibility with even more 4G networks. This means that today an iPad Air with 4G connectivity can connect in Spain with our 4G network without problems, a great advantage for those looking for a tablet with data connectivity.

WiFi twice as fast

Another major improvement that accompanied the new Best Apple iPads is the dual-band, dual-antenna connection with MIMO technology. This translates into a tablet that is twice as fast when it comes to surfing the web as tablets without this technology.

Disadvantages of the iPad Air


With a breakthrough comes a great price and the iPad Air remains one of the most expensive tablets on the market. For 489 euros you can buy two Nexus 7 tablets, which is the best 7-inch Android tablet, so it is important to assess whether you really need an iPad before spending so much money.

It does not have a microSD slot

The storage you buy is the storage you will have from here until your iPad Air breaks down or you get tired of it. Thus, if you buy the 16 GB model, you have 14 GB available, period, there is no more hidden storage and you cannot expand the storage in any way.


With its spectacular design also comes spectacular fragility and the iPad Air is the most fragile tablet that the company has presented to date. A small drop of one meter can easily crash your tablet screen and replacing this screen can cost you more than 100 euros thanks to the new technology they implement.

Lacks Touch ID

Although Apple gives us its suite of work apps with the new iPad, it is still not as secure as the iPhone 5s as it lacks a Touch ID fingerprint sensor . If you want me to think of the iPad as a work tool then add Touch ID so I feel like my work is more secure.

Proprietary charger

This has always been an Apple problem. The company provides its products with a proprietary charger so that if you lose or break your iPad Air charger you have to buy another one directly from Apple and they are not cheap at all. To give you an idea, the cable set plus power outlet costs you 38 euros , 19 euros each.

Deplorable Bluetooth connectivity

Apple products in general have the worst Bluetooth connectivity I’ve seen to date. It is practically impossible for an Apple device to recognize a device from another company via Bluetooth unless it has been specifically made to be compatible with the iPad, otherwise you can forget about this connectivity route.

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