Knowing Everything About Getting Mugshots Removed from Google

Mugshots Removed from Google

Mugshots are photographic portraits of individuals who have been arrested for a crime. These photographic records help the officials to carry their further investigation. But sometimes uploading the mugshots of the individuals on Google can ruin their credibility in society. Here this guide will shed the light on how one can remove mugshots from google.

What you can do personally to remove the mugshots?

Firstly, research for the name of the owner of the particular website which has uploaded your mugshot. Many reputable registrar databases can quickly provide you with the name, e-mail address, or the physical address of the owner of the website. Sometimes the website itself is equipped with the e-mail address or phone number through which you can contact the owner of the website. So, do check the website properly.

After you know the name and the medium to contact the owner of the website, send him or her a brief e-mail requesting to remove your mugshot from the particular website. You must read the terms and conditions before sending an e-mail to the owner.

Following are the cases when you can request the website owner to get your mugshot removed:

  1. Having proof that your arrest was the fake one.
  2. Having proof that your case was thrown out of the court.
  3. Having proof that your charges were sealed or dismissed.
  4. The individual the mugshots of whom you are requesting to get removed is now no more.

In case you don’t hear back for days after sending the e-mail, try to send a follow-up e-mail after a few days. Sending mails several times might catch their attention.

Do these websites charge the individuals for getting the mugshots removed from Google?

It may be sound bad to you, but the truth is that these websites do request a specific amount of payment from the individuals for the removal of their mugshots from their websites if the particular individual doesn’t meet the criteria listed in the previous section. Although it may seem to be immoral or like a personal attack, at the need of the day it is publicly available information, and if you are contacting them first for their removal service then they have the right to charge you.

How long it can take to get your mugshots removed from Google?

The duration of time taken to get your mugshots removed from Google depends on the rate at which the website owner replies to your request and deletes the content from the specific website. After deleting your mugshot from the particular website, it is important to submit this change to their Google research console. However, if the change is not submitted, Google itself roughly after 4-5 days recrawl each website to check for any changes or updates in the content.

Final Thought!

Getting mugshots removed from Google on your own is not an impossible task. But if your request to get your mugshots removed from a particular website has been denied then you can contact professional companies providing mugshot removal services.

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