Top 10 Not to Miss Labeling and Packaging Trends for 2021-22

The future of labelling and packaging is changing quickly. With new regulations coming into effect, technology developments, and trends in society – it can be difficult to keep up with the latest industry changes. For this reason, we’ve compiled a list of what’s on trend for 2021-22.

Labels are becoming interactive with the use of AR (augmented reality) designs that make scanning food easier than ever before. A label can now inform you about allergens or nutritional information without having to open the product package! Food label design software helps packaging become more sustainable as companies switch from plastic to plant-based materials like bamboo or corn starch which are biodegradable and compostable after disposal.


Labels are evolving – they’re becoming more interactive and informative

Labels are evolving – they’re becoming more interactive and informative. It’s important to keep up with labeling trends in order to stay competitive in the industry, so it’s time to take a look at what labels will look like next year!  These new label styles make your products stand out on store shelves, provide valuable information about your product for consumers who can’t read or speak English fluently, and give you an opportunity to increase sales by tapping into consumer psychology.

Packaging is going to be getting a lot more creative in the next few years

If you are in the market for a new packaging company, take some time to explore what your options are. There is so much more than just paperboard boxes and plastic wrap out there these days! From 3D printing techniques that allow companies to do anything from customizing their own labels or designing customized containers, to even hand-crafted wooden crates designed with every detail in mind – it’s never been easier for entrepreneurs looking for an edge in their industry. 

 More companies are experimenting with sustainable packaging options

As more companies are trying to create sustainable packaging options, it is important for them to understand how consumers react. Consumers want the flexibility of choice when they purchase products and if a company can offer their customers that option by offering both paper or plastic bags-they will be successful in driving sales while still being environmentally friendly! 

 Consumers want labels that have been made from recycled materials, not just recyclable ones

Even though the trend is to make products from recycled materials, consumers still want labels that have been made from recycled material. This means you can create a label in less time and with fewer resources than it would take if you were using recyclable paper or plastic because there are no hassles of recycling your waste after production. Recycled labels also provide an opportunity for manufacturers to increase their sustainability footprint while maintaining competitive pricing on their end product

 There’s a shift towards including information about ingredients on the label instead of just nutrition facts or allergens 

  The shift towards including more information about ingredients on food labels is an interesting trend that may have implications for how people choose what they eat. It’s important to note the difference between labeling and packaging trends, as well as read up on these changes if you are in need of a new label printer or want to start making your own foods at home. 

The use of QR codes is increasing as consumers demand access to product information without having to enter their contact information

In order to stay on top of the latest labeling and packaging trends, you’ll need a variety of marketing tools at your disposal. QR codes are an excellent way to make sure that consumers can access all relevant information about products without having to enter their contact infoThis means that you can continue your customer’s experience long after they make a purchase by providing them with extra content and resources through the code on your packaging or labels.

Textured packaging, such as raised lettering or embossed patterns on cardboard boxes

In the last few years, there has been a shift in labeling and packaging trends. Textured packaging such as raised lettering or embossed patterns on cardboard boxes is now more popular than ever before. These new designs are eye-catching and give consumers an interactive experience with your product that they can’t find with other packages.   For those looking to take their labels and package design up a notch, these interesting textures might be just what you need!


 Use a sealant on containers or labels to prevent tampering

It is important to use a sealant on containers or labels to prevent tampering, as this can help increase product sales. As we wrap up our discussion about not missing labelling and packaging trends, it’s time for one last bit of advice: make sure that you’re using a sealant on your container or label so that people cannot tamper with them and cause problems down the line! This will ensure safety at all times–just be sure not to miss out on these key guidelines when considering how to package your products for sale 

Update your logo design every few years – if it’s too similar, customers may not know which company they’re buying from 

Design your logo to be a clear representation of your company’s brand and message. Avoid being too similar stylistically with other companies in the same industry, as this will confuse customers who may not know which company they’re buying from. Make sure you update it every few years or so to stay fresh! You can’t afford to miss out on these label and packaging trends if you want to keep up with customer expectations.

 Include nutritional information on food labels

There are many food labeling and packaging trends that can be incorporated to help consumers make better choices. The most popular trend is the inclusion of nutritional information on labels, which has been shown to increase healthy eating habits in both children and adults.  Food labels are an important part of the purchasing process. The information on food labels can provide critical data to help consumers make healthy and informed decisions about their purchases, which is why it’s so important that they include nutritional information for all processed foods 


As the world’s population continues to grow and as we become more invested in global social movements, it becomes increasingly important for companies to consider how their packaging supports these efforts. The products that will stand out this coming year are those which take into account sustainability and re-usability-packaging made from recycled or biodegradable materials is a trend that you can expect to see lots of going forward. Be sure your product has an eye towards environmental responsibility by considering what kind of material you’re using for labeling and packaging now

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