Marijuana Dispensary in California – How tourist Can Buy Marijuana in California

In California, if you are old enough to buy a beer, you are old enough to buy recreational cannabis products. There’s no free-for-all, however. Follow these guidelines to buy pot legally.

Search Online – For Cannabis Dispensary:

In California, some dispensaries cater only to medical clients with local addresses, while others cater to the general public. Find a facility using Pot Guide or Weedmaps and confirm its santa monica marijuana openness to the public by calling ahead or checking the business’ website.You can browse the menus of almost all dispensaries online before visiting.

Bring Your ID &Cash:

Since the federal government and states have argued over legalization for years, credit card companies are wary of running afoul of federal law by processing sales. Nearly all dispensaries have ATMs on the premises because of this. Debit cards may also be accepted.

Generally, dispensaries take their licenses seriously and adhere to state standards with great care. You can expect that your identification will be checked by a security guard before you are admitted into the main sales area.

Can I Buy a Certain Amount?

It costs between $10 and $15 per gram of smokeable leaf, also known as “bud” or “flower.” A dispensary may sell a maximum of 28.5 grams per customer, but that’s more than a casual tourist will need. A little marijuana leaf goes a long way since it is so light.

You may purchase up to 8 grams of concentrates from dispensaries (including edibles, which contain concentrates).This document contains a complete list of California’s regulations.

You Don’t Have to Know What You Want:

Once your ID meets the dispensary’s requirements, you’ll be shown to the sales floor, where a “budtender” stands behind a glass case filled with the dispensary’s products. You cannot handle the product, but staff members can.

Some strains and blends might be explained in a binder or menu. Some of the names of these strains sound like ice cream flavors or racehorses — Wedding Cake, Moonstone Kush, Cherry Bomb, Happy Pineapple, Pink Glue, and so on. 

Those monikers will probably be more entertaining than useful to you. It is for this reason that every dispensary worth its salt employs staff who can explain what each strain will do to you.It’s important to note, however, that this isn’t a winery; you cannot sample anything.

Basic Knowledge of Cannabis Dispensary:

It helps to know what to buy if you are familiar with the main varieties. The three main types of marijuana are sativas (for effects related to the brain), indicas (for effects related to the body), and hybrids.

Your clerk will tell you the strength of each strain. If you’re a novice, don’t jump into the deep end. If you don’t know what wax, shatter, dabbing, or other cannabis terms refer to, then they aren’t for you. Make sure to stick to low doses, too (measured in milligrams), unless you want to spend your entire visit in a useless haze.

A clerk might relay what you want to another staffer, who fills your order in a separate area and gives you the product just before you leave.

The Difference Between THC and CBD:

The government is most interested in controlling THC, because it gives you a high. Cannabis products also contain CBD, a chemical that doesn’t provide a high, so it’s often considered harmless. This article will help you understand the differences.

Rule of Marijuana – Where You Can Use It:

You cannot give your purchase to minors – minors cannot even accompany you when you buy. 

Drunk driving is not permitted. Hence, you shouldn’t consume the dispensaries’ infused candies and brownies (also known as edibles, which generally take a few hours to take effect, but last longer for some people) unless you are planning to stay home for the rest of the day.

It has also been difficult to develop a reliable roadside test for THC due to problems with federal cannabis laws that affect credit cards. Consequently, one can be arrested based on little more than suspicion. Before driving, it’s best not to consume alcohol at all.

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