PBA Betting Odds

PBA Betting Odds

It’s no surprise that basketball is so well-known in the Philippines that a domestic league exists for locals to wager on. The Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) is the country’s top professional basketball league and one of the country’s most popular sports betting odds.

PBA basketball betting is not as popular among Filipinos as NBA basketball betting. It may legally provide NBA wagering but not PBA gambling. Even so, it’s a popular betting category at offshore bookmakers, with all of them routinely offering PBA odds.

This PBA betting odds guide covers everything from how the PBA works to who the current teams are to where you can legally wager on games online.

Is it legal in the Philippines to bet on PBA basketball?

In the Philippines, sports betting regulations are very complicated. PAGCOR permits citizens to wager on sports at live retail outlets throughout most of the country. Online sports betting sites are legal in Cagayan, but only for international visitors.

As a result, Filipino gamblers can only wager on PBA games at registered and regulated offshore bookmakers. Without a suitable licensing and regulatory structure, any offshore sportsbook like would be considered illegal. The offshore companies listed in his guide have been licensed and monitored by all applicable legislation, ensuring that they are safe to use.

How Can I Bet On PBA Basketball?

Basketball betting odds include point spreads, money lines, totals (over/under), props, and futures, among others. All of these may be found at reputable offshore sportsbooks like OKBET, and each one offers unique ways for players to win big. Here’s a brief review of the different sorts of betting:

Point Spread- Point spread betting is when you bet on a team to win or lose by a certain number of points. For example, you may bet on TNT KaTropa to beat the Alaska Aces by at least 6 points. It might look like this at your sportsbook:

*Alaska Aces +6.0 at TNT KaTropa -6.0

For your wager to be profitable, TNT KaTropa must win by at least six points. Even if they win, your bet will lose until the margin of victory falls inside that “spread.” If TNT wins by six points, the placed bet is a “push,” and all wagers will be refunded.

Moneyline- When you bet on a team to win outright, it’s known as moneyline betting. The point spread is also not taken into account in these bets. Inexperienced bettors frequently stick to the Moneyline. Also, they gain a better understanding of how the point spread works. Straight bets or straight Moneyline bets are sometimes known as Moneyline bets, and they look like this:

*Barangay Ginebra San Miguel -170 at Magnolia Hotshots +235

The underdog had represented by the positive number, which indicates how much you would win on a $100 wager. The negative number is the favorite, and it means the amount of money you must risk to win $100. Most PBA sportsbooks take a bet as low as $0.50. Therefore these are payout ratios, not betting minimums.

Totals- Totals bets comprise betting on whether the game’s overall total score will be “above” or “below” a certain amount. If both teams have high-scoring offenses, you’d probably go for the over. If one team’s defense is strong, the under is a better bet. Totals are another name for over/under bets, and they look like this:

*Meralco Bolts O/U 142.5 at Phoenix Pulse Fuel Masters

If the listed teams combine to score more than 142 points, the over wager wins. The under wager wins if they score less than 142 points. Half-point intervals are used by bookmakers to avoid the possibility of a “push.”

Props- Prop betting in the PBA entails betting on a usual event occurring during a game. Player props and team props are two kinds of props that focus on individual stats and team stats. For example, you may bet on an Alaska Aces player grabbing at least 10 rebounds in a single game. The San Miguel Beermen grabbed 35 rebounds collectively.

There are numerous props throughout the season, and some can get quite whimsical. We recommend you stick to props that revolve around player stats if you’re just starting.

Futures- Futures bets are for those who are sure of their predictions. Futures bet on a Grand Slam champion at the start of the Philippine Cup is an example, although the most common futures bet is on a conference winner or MVP before the conference begins.

PBA Basketball Teams You Can Wager On

The PBA is a smaller league than other international basketball leagues. Teams have come and gone, but there are now 12 teams competing for the various championships.

Unlike most other leagues, each team has called after the corporation that sponsors them, rather than unique city names.

2021-2022 PBA Teams

Alaska Aces – Alaska Milk Corporation

Barangay Ginebra San Miguel – Ginebra San Miguel, Inc.

Blackwater Bossing – Ever Bilena Cosmetics, Inc.

San Miguel Pure Foods Company, Inc.’s Magnolia Hotshots

Manila Electric Company (Meralco) Bolts

Metro Pacific Investments Corp. – NLEX Road Warriors

NorthPort Batang Pier – Sultan 900 Capital, Inc.

Phoenix Petroleum Philippines, Inc. – Phoenix Super LPG Fuel Masters  

Asian Coatings Philippines, Inc. – Rain or Shine Elasto Painters

San Miguel Beermen – San Miguel Brewery, Inc.

Terrafirma Dyip – Terrafirma Realty Development Corp.

TNT Tropng Giga– Smart Communications

Current PBA Defending Champions

Philippine Cup – TNT Tropang Giga (2021)

Commissioner’s Cup – San Miguel Beermen (2019*)

Governor’ Cup – Barangay Ginebra San Miguel (2019*)

PBA Teams and Season

The PBA season differs from most other sports leagues throughout the world. The PBA’s 12 teams participate in three separate meetings or tournaments each year rather than competing for a year-end championship. Also, using a regular season to qualify for the playoffs PBA betting odds. The Philippine Cup, Commissioner’s Cup, and Governors’ Cup are the three. The most prestigious is the Philippine Cup.

A round-robin elimination phase kicks off each conference. The top eight clubs proceed to the playoffs after that. Some of the top seeds, four in the Governors’ Cup and two in the other conferences, have an advantage in the quarterfinal stage when they must defeat the lower seed twice in a row to be eliminated. A best-of-seven finals series determines the winner of each cup.

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