Refusal of your Sole Representative visa and administrative review


Nothing could be more disheartening than having to see your UK sole representative visa getting refused. At a stage when you are planning to expand your business presence in the UK and your business model is ready but one refusal could shatter your dreams.

It is always wise to seek help from immigration specialists to represent you. 

Avoiding refusal requires you to be meticulous in planning your UK business expansion.

What should I do if I face refusal?

In the event that your application for a Sole Representative is rejected by the Entry Clearance Officer, you may apply for Administrative Review (AR) on your entry clearance application. A solicitation for an Administrative Review (AR) ought to be recorded within 4 weeks or 28 days after the date of receipt of the notification of refusal from the UK Home Office. Within this time duration the Entry clearance officer must decide whether the appeal was genuine or not.

In the event that the Entry Clearance Manager is persuaded by the contentions introduced in the justification for Administrative Review (AR) that the Entry Clearance Officer has made caseworking blunder in choosing the section freedom use of the Sole Representative Migrant, the choice of the Entry Clearance Officer to reject the application will be switched and the candidate will be needed to present his/her identification for entry clearance to the Sole Representative.

While applying for Administrative Review, you should: 

  1. notice the explanations behind refusal that are in your choice letter, and say why you think an error was made 
  2. send your finished structure in the strategy the application refusal letter states (by email, post or face to face)

Benefits of Administrative review

One of the critical benefits of the Administrative Review measure is its expense adequacy. It can cost you £80 per application. A few candidates might be absolved from paying the charge in the accompanying conditions: 

  1. you didn’t need to pay for the first application, or where the expense was deferred 
  2. Under circumstances, you can demonstrate you can’t pay the charge

The Home Office will not remove the sole representative from the UK when an application for Administrative Review is being processed.

Chances for a successful administrative review application

Highly likely there are four possible results of your administrative review (AR), which are precisely,

  1. Succeeds and the eligible choice is removed
  2. Doesn’t succeed and the eligible choice remaining parts in power, however at least one of the reasons given for the choice are removed 
  3. Doesn’t succeed and the eligible choice remaining parts in power, and the entirety of the reasons given for the choice are kept up with
  4. Doesn’t succeed and the eligible choice remaining parts in power however with various or extra motivations to those predetermined in the choice under audit, you might be qualified for apply for Administrative Review identified with the new reasons

How can you seek application success?

A Y and J Solicitors have colossal involvement with helping both in-country and out-country candidates in settling on Administrative Review choices bringing effective result; once in a while in earnest conditions. They comprehend the process and have gained immense reputation and successful outcomes. They are undoubtedly the best immigration solicitors London.

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