Sleep Hygiene: What Is It And How Can You Enhance Yours?

Sleep Hygiene: What Is It And How Can You Enhance Yours?

Sleep hygiene is a term we all use widely, but very few of us actually know what it refers to. The term itself is often defined as practical habits and accepted practices that enable you to sleep better and longer. This isn’t best described as a simple bedtime routine, but a set of tried and true practices that help you feel well-rested and allow you to give your day your full attention.

These ideas can help anyone significantly improve the quality of their sleep. Though all of the following ideas are conducive to sleep, start by implementing a couple to get yourself started. Before even compiling your list of useful principles and tips, make sure you attempt to root out the cause of your sleep problems. Once you do that, you can easily guide yourself towards the processes and practices that enable you to sleep soundly.

10 Sleep Hygiene Concepts And Ideas

  1. Create a steady sleeping pattern by waking up at the same time including on the weekends.
  2. Give your body exposure to natural lighting by opening your blinds in the morning. A great way to do that is by having breakfast near a window.
  3. Avoid napping unless you work night shifts and need to. A better way to cope with a lack of sleep is to get to bed earlier that day.
  4. Avoid drinking caffeine after lunch time. Usually, caffeine will stay in your system for at least 5 hours before it starts to wear off. However, even by bedtime, traces of the caffeine will still remain present in your system.
  5. Avoid exercising within 3 hours of your bedtime as it will stimulate your mind and body.
  6. Avoid drinking alcohol close to bedtime because it will negatively impact your ability to get to sleep.
  7. Ensure that you have some relaxing activities planned before bedtime that do not include using electronic devices. For example, reading or listening to relaxing music is a great way to prepare yourself.
  8. Ensure that your sleep environment (bedroom) is conducive to sleep. Remove any electronics that may interfere with your ability to sleep and also lower temperatures to a comfortable level. Consider a new mattress, Stearns and Foster customer complaints are few and far between, take a look at these reviews.
  9. Use your bed for sleeping, and that’s it! It may feel tempting to run your whole life from your bedroom, but it will give your mind the wrong mindset.
  10. If you can’t fall asleep in 15 minutes, don’t toss and turn; plan to do some reading or get out of bed until you feel exhausted enough.

The above ideas can serve as a great starting point for you to get a handle on your sleep problems. Do bear in mind that these principles may not work for everyone because it ultimately depends on why you have trouble sleeping. In some instances, seeking professional help is highly recommended as it can help you cope with your day better and faster while eliminating the root cause.

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