Slot: a complete journey from machine to smart device


Slot games have always gained popularity from their traditional period. playing games is always best for their individual. Playing games either online or offline is always a great source of great fun.

Slot games always have a great history due to their lots of entertainment. so look at its history step by step.

Pitt and Sittman slot machine

It’s the first-ever slot machine and is considered an innovative slot machine ever made. Concept method mechanism, concept, and playing method are different from now. It always remains the fact that it’s a great and the first slot machine in gaming history.

1st slot machine; Liberty Bell slot by Charles August Fey

It was the first great automated machine. that Charles August Fey invented and it was a cool invention that brought great changes. 

It was also created between 1887-1895. But that always remains the question of how this machine is considered as the first automated machine.

The first fruit machine with the bar symbol: operator bill by Herbert Mills

The story of Herbert’s machine cannot be completed. without Herbert Mills in 1902, all slot machines were banned officially. But this machine could not be banned. and production of this device is continued.

When this machine stepped into the market. it became a great source of entertainment gaming stages got more zeal. and rewards were distributed in the form of candies and fruits.

Its history started in 1907 in Chicago by Herbert Mills. At this time Herbert Bill also produced the operator. 

Now this machine is present in Chicago salons, alleys, and shops. The fruit bell logo is designed on it by what the people love most.

First electromechanical slot: money honey slot machine by Bally

It’s a modern electrical machine. that always remains a source of attraction for people and personalities. It’s also gone for the gaming world and slot machines.

When it was famed by money honey fame was generated more fastly and a great invention of bally.

Activation of games is always just like the player pulling the mechanical level. now this is familiar in describing the more slots.

Rise of Internet slots: online gaming

In 1883 internet came into existence. and the rush of people increased day by day on the internet. to find something new on it then multiple platforms and many other changes took place in it. this year casinos has also come into existence.

In the year 1996, the history of casinos changed at this time. casinos then start to accept the real wager. then online gaming was introduced. and it has become gambling in today’s gaming industry.

The market currently adopts all the large. and small gaming providers who create qualitative games to develop the games and a sense of innovation.

Future of online slots

The future of online slots will become bright and attractive. As the 5G internet technology increases its future becomes more attractive.

AI technology and many other technologies. help a lot in the development and progress of online slots. that has become a great source of entertainment.

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