Small Business Ideas For Teens Who Can Make Money Easily

Small Business Ideas For Teens Who Can Make Money Easily

How to start a business as a teen Teens today have access to a plethora of resources, platforms, and simple-to-use technology, and there has never been a better moment for them to start enterprises due to the abundance and accessibility of these tools. To get a whole website constructed in just a few hours, you don’t need to be a tech genius or even know a line of code, and you don’t need to pay a marketing staff to advertise your business on social media.

The rise of digital and social media technopreneurs in the last 10 years is largely due to this. To make use of these resources and get your feet wet as young entrepreneur ideas, you don’t have to be a social media influencer or start a software firm teen business ideas. At Beta Bowl, we believe that the correct training and mentoring can help youth transform their ideas into reality while also providing them with future skills. Regardless of their skill set or technological knowledge, prospective teen entrepreneurs can explore 10 business ideas for kids.

Retailer on Etsy

Etsy has exploded in popularity in recent years, with thousands of people working full-time as Etsy sellers. The internet, companies like Etsy, and businesses, in general, are excellent because they don’t discriminate based on age. You may be 16 or 60 years old, but if people appreciate what you’re selling, you’ll be fine easy businesses to start.

Teens who are crafty, scrappy, do-it-yourselfers, or otherwise creative should check out Etsy. You could be repurposing antique clothing or making custom dog bowls, but either way, Etsy provides you with a ready-to-use platform with a ready-to-buy consumer base.

It’s also a terrific method for ambitious adolescent entrepreneurs to put their business idea to the test. If your Etsy product is flying off the shelves, it may be time to grow and create your own website, launch a crowdfunding effort, or expand the business. Customer feedback on Etsy will also inform you exactly who your target market is and what they like and don’t like, allowing you to fine-tune your product while still making sales.

Consultant For Social Media

Consultant For Social Media- small business ideas for teens

Starting a social media consulting business may be the greatest method to leverage your skillset if you’re a social media knowledgeable kid, which most teens are these days. One field where youth is appreciated is social media consultancy. Adult-run businesses, particularly mom and pop shops, recognize that their specialty may not lie in social media, and they require someone who is more up-to-date to assist them to reinvigorate their online presence.

That’s when you enter the picture. You may need to do some studying, enroll in a few online courses, and read up on social media marketing and promotion, but if you can master the skill set, there’s no reason you can’t start your own social media consulting firm from the comfort of your own home.

The beautiful thing about business ideas for teens like this is that you can scale it and hire other consultants once you have enough clients. You could eventually build a social media marketing and consultancy empire, and the initial expenditures for such business ideas for teens.

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Starting a tutoring business ideas for teens as an adolescent or high school student is one of the most natural, and potentially lucrative, possibilities. Turning your strengths into a tutoring business is a terrific way to profit on the subjects or skills you’re already strong at if you excel in certain areas or have a propensity for test-taking.

Plus, including tutoring business ideas for teens application CV is sure to amaze, especially if you’re tutoring in a challenging subject that you’ve mastered. But it isn’t the only advantage of running a tutoring business. A tutoring business, in addition to having low startup costs, is the only sort of business that has a built-in in-person audience right next to you at school every day.

Your peers, underclassmen, and younger siblings of your peers are all prospective consumers, and word-of-mouth and referral marketing may result in a torrent of more clients than you can handle. That’s when you’d want to expand. Don’t be fooled: a tutoring business can expand well beyond you and your difficult classmate.

Writing As A Freelancer

Writing As A Freelancer

Starting a freelance writing business is a great choice for practically any kid who wants to pursue a journalism degree or simply enjoys writing. You probably need to write papers for your high school classes anyhow, so you already have the skills to get started. Why not include a few commissioned writing articles each week to bring in a few hundred dollars?

Additionally, if you plan on pursuing journalism in college or beyond graduation, every writing task you complete is an opportunity to add to your portfolio, so writing as much as possible is in your best interest, and getting paid is a cherry on top. Plus, you may not realize it if you haven’t looked, but there are a slew of companies, journals, and websites looking for freelance writers to help them reach their article quotas. These are the best businesses to start in 2021.

You might be surprised by how many potential projects you find if you search a few freelancer markets like UpWork, Fiverr, and even Craigslist. It’s also a good idea to look for freelance writing jobs on classic job boards like Indeed.

Graphic Designer

Starting a graphic design business ideas for teens might be right for you if you’re artistically inclined or have any experience with graphic design software. Some high schools even offer graphic design classes, allowing you to learn the ropes and practice using school-licensed software before charging clients for your time.

Side hustles for teens from the fact that you can work from anywhere as long as you have a computer and software, another benefit of starting a graphic design firm is that it prepares you for a future profession in design, marketing, or branding. Having your own graphic design agency on your resume will be quite beneficial if you plan to pursue any of these industries.

Furthermore, there are numerous graphic design job ads because every time an entrepreneur, small business, or startup requires a new logo, product packaging design, or rebranding, they hire a graphic designer. A short search for “logo design” on UpWork or Fiverr should reveal that there is a slew of businesses slaying the graphic design game, as well as a large audience of clients who are always in need of these services.

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You may be sure that a photographer will be engaged if there is a wedding, bar or bat mitzvah, holiday party, or other major event or celebration. And a competent photographer may make thousands of dollars on a single event, so there’s a lot of money to be made here, and the sooner you get started, the sooner you can master your craft and establish a client base and referrals.

Photography is one of those abilities that can be mastered, and practically anyone can become a master of it with a few principles, practice, and hard effort. The only cost you’ll encounter is the correct camera and editing software, but as technology advances and prices fall, there are high-quality, low-cost solutions available everywhere. As a result, this is no longer a significant barrier to entry.

Furthermore, you don’t need private photography classes or to enroll in an expensive school to learn a lot of the techniques you’ll need to shoot and edit great images; you can learn a lot of them online, and for free. If you have even a passing interest in photography, this is an excellent company to start, especially for teenagers with spare time and a Rolodex of friends who will need pictures done for birthday parties and proms!. This is a fun business idea.


Kids business ideas for teens do you have access to gardening tools and possibly a lawnmower because you live in a neighborhood? A local landscaping business can be a terrific method for kids to make money as a teen and undercut their overpriced corporate counterparts if they don’t mind the physical effort. Salespeople from even the most well-known landscaping companies frequently walk door-to-door in rich, well-kept neighborhoods, offering their services or slipping brochures or business cards into homeowners’ mailboxes. And it works on occasion. 

You do, however, have an edge as an adolescent. Other parents, neighbors, and homeowners want to see you succeed, and they may be willing to help the underdog (you). Furthermore, you are likely to be able to undercut the larger company’s costs, so there’s no reason why a neighbor wouldn’t want to save a few dollars, support a local teen, and give you a chance.

An influencer in social media and live Streamer

Being a social media influencer or live-streamer is a genuine job in today’s digital era, and it may be a lucrative and impressive one! There’s nothing stopping you from starting a business based on your social media profile, and kids are frequently at the forefront of these sectors’ trends. But don’t be deceived into believing it’ll be simple or all fun and games.

Starting a business based on your social media presence, whether as a beauty influencer, a gaming live-streamer, or an online comedian, will require two things: determination and marketing know-how. Today’s social media success stories aren’t by chance, and whether they’re teenagers businesses or adults, building a loyal, engaged following and monetizing that audience requires some serious marketing prowess.

That said, it is quite possible, but it will require patience, perseverance, and consistency along the road. The good news is that colleges will be impressed if you can demonstrate that you’ve created a brand, following, and business based on your constancy and attention to one interest.

Lessons in Music

Music classes are an excellent company to start if you’re a musician or have experience with a certain instrument or singing, especially for teenagers in high school. There are certainly a lot of local teenagers in need of training to improve their instrument or vocal talents between high school chorus, orchestra, band, and extracurricular musicals.

Perhaps they require further practice before auditioning for the advanced orchestra, or perhaps they require assistance polishing their solo for the school musical. Teens who are enthusiastic about and participating in music programs and activities at your school are an ideal audience for your music lesson business in either case.

Aside from being a familiar face, the fact that you probably live near your friends or could have lessons at school is a significant benefit for both your peers and their parents, since they won’t have to drive them too far away sessions. If you’re enthusiastic about music or simply have some amazing skills, you should take advantage of them, especially when your audience is right in front of you.

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Cleaning Services

While a cleaning business may not appear to be the most attractive endeavor, it may be a rich source of ongoing cash as well as constant referral business. Cleaning is one of those chores that many busy adults regard as a problem that they are willing to pay to have solved. This gives you a perfect in because business is all about addressing your customers’ issues or improving their lives. You don’t have to be really inventive or invent anything new here.

You can make some serious money with a cleaning service if you, or any peers you recruit, are up to the task and don’t mind putting in the effort and possibly getting your hands dirty. You might even become the next Molly Maid. Plus, you undoubtedly have a neighborhood of homeowners or a slew of parents among your pals who could be your first customers. It’s much easier for you to contact people you know and offer your cleaning services, and it’s far more difficult for them to say no.



Streaming online is a terrific method to generate money if you enjoy eSports and gaming. Many popular services, such as Twitch, enable you to stream video games while they are being played. You will be compensated if you reach a certain amount of subscribers and/or views.

Making money by streaming is a terrific way to capitalize on your competitive nature or love of video games. Streaming systems like Twitch monetize you depending on how interesting your commentary is while playing and how good you are at the game. While this may appear difficult at first, practicing streaming will quickly accustom you to the gameplay circumstances required. This is how to make money as a teenager online.

Service for Errands

If you enjoy a variety of jobs, such as lawn maintenance and grocery shopping, an errand service is a simple way to earn money. The elderly or anyone else who is unable or unwilling to execute particular duties may require errand-running services.

Business ideas for teens can be advertised on bulletin boards or in the local newspaper. Online services that host gig-based jobs may also be able to assist you in marketing your services. It’s easiest to start by asking your neighbors or family members whether they need assistance, then spreading the information by word-of-mouth.

Errand services are often paid less than skilled positions, but they can be a fun way to supplement your income.

Walker of dogs

Dog walking is a terrific idea if you like dogs and don’t mind walking every day. If you have friends who have dogs, dog walking and sitting is a simple method to assist them. Dog walking is also simple to scale because numerous dogs can be sat or walked at the same time.

Business ideas for teens, we recommend approaching people you know first: it is much less expensive for them to locate someone local to pet sit than it is for them to hire a firm. People will likely return to you in the future if they love your service and you make the process simple.

You may harness the abilities you currently have as a teen and student to extend your dog-walking and pet-sitting business utilizing the talents you already have, such as designing flyers, social media ads, and possibly building a website and email marketing list. jobs ideas for teenagers.

The shopper

Business ideas for teens Personal shoppers can assist persons who are unable to travel to grocery stores or devote their time to doing so. Being a personal shopper can be as basic as going to a store with a list of things and purchasing them for someone for a small fee. You must, however, be able to drive and ensure that you are not losing money on your car’s fuel teen entrepreneur.

Again, going door-to-door or asking family and friends for referrals is the greatest approach to find potential consumers as a personal shopper. Others will come to you and want to pay you once you’ve built up a clientele and a reputation that displays how convenient and successful your service is this how can a 12 year old make money. This is the best online stores for teens.

Service For Recycling

Service For Recycling

Creating a recycling service may appear complicated or time-consuming, but depending on where you reside, it might be a lucrative undertaking. Collecting cans, bottles, reclaimed metals, and other rubbish can be exchanged for cash at state depositories. Certain materials can often be swapped for a modest amount of money at a junkyard based on their weight. This means that if you know what to do with free stuff like broken cars or electronics, it may be worthwhile to take advantage of them. Do some study the next time you come across a huge volume of cans or scrap metal and see how you can transform that trash into cash.

Bottom Line

It’s evident that if you’re an adolescent who wants to establish a business, being in high school isn’t a disadvantage or a deal-breaker. High school students, on the other hand, are well-positioned to begin contributing their skills, hobbies, passions, and talents to a business right now. The Mark Cubans of the world are a fantastic example of those who start their entrepreneurial path in their teens and go on to do big things in life.

There are endless types of businesses you can start right now, regardless of your age, and in some cases, your youth will actually work to your advantage. It doesn’t take a lot of money or years of technical knowledge; there are endless types of businesses you can start right now, regardless of your age, and in some cases, your youth will actually work to your advantage.

Whatever type of business you want to establish, one thing remains constant: the sooner you get started, the better, and the sooner you fail, the sooner you learn from it and achieve success. business ideas for teens.

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