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Smart devices are prevalent and have become an integral part of our daily life. When you’re ready to add smart technology to your home, you might be startled by the plethora of possibilities available. It’s all too easy to feel overwhelmed. Well, let’s hope that doesn’t happen.

Using smart gadgets to optimize a living environment allows people to increase the efficiency of their lives, making them more comfortable. Smart TVs, lamps, alarm systems, doorbells, and housekeeping appliances are examples of devices that save energy, boost productivity, and provide connectivity.

Here are some smart products you can have in your living room.

Google Nest Mini

Many people’s first smart home device is a small smart speaker like the Google Nest Mini. The Nest Mini can not only function as a stand-alone device (it can set alarms and reminders, check your calendar and commute, stream music, and search Google), but it can also connect to the vast majority of smartphone devices in your house and allow you to control them all with your voice.

It’s no coincidence that these are so reasonably priced: they’re designed to be used in numerous spots throughout your home. So put one in your foyer, living room, kitchen, bedroom, or anywhere else you need to communicate with your smart gadgets. Furthermore, all of these gadgets may work together to create an intercom system throughout your home, making it easier to summon your family for supper.

Smart Lighting

Lighting is crucial in creating the relaxing and welcoming atmosphere you desire in your living room. The Philips Hue Smart Light isn’t just your regular light bulb, whether you want to add warmer tones or illuminate your area with as many as sixteen million different hues and tints. You can operate these smart bulbs with your smartphone or tablet, which works with Alexa Voice Control, Apple HomeKit, and Google Assistant, allowing you to turn on your lights from the comfort of your own couch.

Sengled Smart LED Daylight A19 Bulb eliminates the need for expensive lamps or sophisticated equipment. Simply replace any current bulb with this one and connect it to Alexa, Google Assistant, or SmartThings for complete control.

Smart Homepod

Having all of your belongings strewn about may take up room that you need for other necessities. Furthermore, having many connections hanging about to charge all of your smart devices isn’t appealing. With this multipurpose Smart Homepod Stand, you can change that. Put your favorite speaker on the top layer to start listening to music while charging your phone, Airpods, and smartwatch with the high-speed 2 in 1 wireless charging point.

Google Nest Secure system

In terms of smart home security systems, Google’s Nest Secure solution is fairly easy. You install the hub in a central location in your home, add sensors as needed, and it sends notifications to your phone whenever one of the sensors is tripped. The usual beginner kit includes a few entry/motion sensors as well as the home base, which is capable of far more than it appears. It not only serves as an audible alarm and keypad, but it also includes an NFC sensor that allows you to activate and disarm the alarm by simply tapping an RFID tag against it.

Smart Ceiling Fan

Smart ceiling fans have the appearance of something out of a science fiction film. But now you may have one of your own.

The Haiku Home L Series 52′′ Smart Ceiling Fan is currently the best ceiling fan on the market.

It not only looks fantastic, but it also works with Alexa! You can tell Alexa to turn on and off your fan. That’s quite legit! If you’re familiar with them, you’re aware that they produce high-quality fans.

Horevo’s Retractable Blades Ceiling Fan is packed with features to deliver the best of smart technology to your living room. The fan has retractable blades that can be controlled remotely and hidden.

Smart plugs

Smart plugs are necessary since they can help you save money in several ways. They may be used to replace existing lamps and appliances with internet-connected light switches, saving you the effort of having to buy new ones.

You can also use them to turn off vampire appliances that draw power even when they’re turned off, saving you money in the long run. They can also protect against the uncommon occurrence of an electrical device malfunctioning while plugged in and potentially causing a fire.

Belkin’s WeMo smart plugs are an amazing and simple-to-use choice that turns off and on with a tap of the screen or a simple voice command using your phone or smart speaker.

Final Thoughts

There you have it: these devices that can be fully integrated to provide you with the smartest living environment in town. You can simplify your life with smart gadgets, giving you more time to do the things you enjoy. Your home will be smart and accessible no matter where you are thanks to the integration of free mobile apps. However, make sure you have a Surge Protection Device so that your home appliances are safe from power surges.

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