Starpro VS Everlast Pro Style Boxing Gloves In 2021

There’s a lot of curiosity about the new contenders in the market: Starpro Combat, a manufacturer that’s been in the game and is finally bringing their products direct-to-consumer. With insane price points and a repertoire of big names they’ve worked with, how does their gear measure up? Today, we’re looking at their Pro Boxing Gloves and seeing how they compare with Everlast’s offering.


Everlast Pro Style Gloves

Price: 44.99 GBP

Material: Synthetic leather

Features: Anti-Microbial Treatment, Hook and loop closure system, Ventilated fabric 

What We Think:

Everlast is a classic sports brand and a long-lasting favorite among the boxing community for a reason: they do what they say, with no airs about them. The Pro-Style gloves are a favored basic: they come within the lower bounds of the market price for synthetic gloves and so are an affordable and accessible options.

There’s a big focus on breathability here: their patented EVERCOOL fabric is breathable and ventilated, and a mesh palm adds to this. The star in this category is the anti-microbial treatment, which fights against nasty bacteria. For us, this is a big factor in trials, because comfort is key.

A pre-curved grip means your hand is in a fist position without putting repeated pressure on your forearm. This is definitely a pro. Other than this, we didn’t see a lot in terms of safety features or anything premium. It would’ve been a bonus, but at this price a lot of established brands don’t deliver. 

Something of note is the negative reviews these gloves have been getting on Amazon from customers about the lack of durability and easy tearing. While we didn’t experience this in our trial, it is a point of concern.


Starpro Pro Glove.

Price: £23.00

Material: Genuine leather

Features: Lace-up closure, Impact Management System, Ventilation holes

What We Think:

At face value, these gloves are instantly attractive: their sleek, modern design and maroon and black color combination is a winner. Also, the outer layer is genuine leather, giving them a luxury finish that is almost impossible to find at this price point. 

Like the Everlast gloves, these also boast a pre-curved construction. These ones use injection moulded foam layered with horsehair, meaning they can really take a hit and keep your hands safe. They also claim their exclusive impact management system disperses the force of impact, and we found this to be the case in testing. 

The inclusion of ventilation holes to help moisture escape meant our hands weren’t a swamp while using these, which is a plus. While not at par with Everlast’s anti-microbial technology, they do have all the rest.

We like that they have 4 sizes between 10 and 16oz, and we love the super-long lace-up closure. While it may not be best for training alone, it’s a classic style for the best fit and it puts the pro in pro gloves.

Starpro Everlast
Price £23.00 £44,99
Material Genuine Leather Synthetic Leather
Features Lace-up closure, Impact Management System, Ventilation holes Anti-Microbial Treatment, Hook and loop closure system, Ventilated fabric
Overall Points 5/5 4/5


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