30 Things You Can Do to Support Local Businesses Right Now

Small businesses need our help now. With the advent of COVID19, many of them are at risk. There are many ways to support small businesses as customers and consumers. Small business is personal to me because I have had the privilege of meeting and connecting with small business owners right from the start of college.

They have provided mentor ship and many professional opportunities to learn that I would like to see the continuation of future entrepreneurs and experience-hungry students. For example, I got my first internship with a small business owner. Then, I landed my first part-time job with a small business owner.  

I now work full-time in small business support! There is a special place for small businesses in our community. They are more likely to give back to the local economy by providing jobs, funding local projects, and more. Our city would not be the same without them! 

Small businesses are at the heart of our community, but they also make up 44% of our US economy. These activities are critical to our local economy and the success of our thriving communities. Undeniably, the current pandemic is very difficult for the mental and financial health of entrepreneurs. 

Through all the trials and tribulations, there is no guarantee that every small business owner will be able to open the door during this time. Fortunately, as consumers, we can guide our spending habits and encourage them by influencing those around us.

How to support small businesses? In addition to how to help your friends and colleagues over the years, here are 30 ways you can small business support owners, whether you have money to spare or are saving right now.

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Top 30 Ways To Helping Small Businesses:

  1. Understand their point of view

Take the time to understand the small business mission you love and how it would impact society without it! And make a plan to support local businesses.

  1. Leave a Testimonial or Review

Nothing makes a small business owner smile more than seeing people love their service or product! It is big support local businesses because people read reviews before going to local shops.

  1. Sign up for email newsletters

Sign up for email newsletters

Small businesses online take a long time to provide information about the latest offers and what’s going on behind the scenes via email. Plus, once they’re ready to sell you a product, you’ll be the first to know!

  1. Use your social media

Take it to your social media channels to talk about what you love. Everyone has a voice and platform through technology! Social media creates big support local businesses.

     5. Republish your content on social media

Many small businesses and small business owners have a lot to say about their current situation. Use your social media to echo what they are promoting! Promotions are support local businesses to grow more.

  1. Use Word of Mouth

Spread the word about what a help small business has to offer your family or friends. Word of mouth is more powerful than you might think! Mouth publicity is the most effective way to support local businesses.

  1. Send a thoughtful note

Send a thoughtful note

Small business owners have feelings! If you love their business, give them an affirmational boost.

  1. Use their hashtags and location

If the business is active on social media, consider using their location and hashtags when you post about them, so other people can learn more! Hashtag shows your location and people can reach you easily it provides support local businesses.

  1. Reach out to your community and government leaders

I avoid politics on this blog and in most of my personal interactions, but please do find out what you can do to make a difference and support the businesses you love.

  1. Stay home if you’re not feeling well

If the small business you want to support has a storefront and you want to help them by visiting them, please stay home. You are polluting not only the owner and his employees but the entire store and even healthy people who visit.

  1. Write Positive Online Reviews

Now is a good time to finally start reviewing your favorite local businesses on Facebook for local businesses, Google for local business, Trip Advisor, etc. Great reviews can increase the credibility of a business and are an easy and free way to show your favorite small business help that you support them. Reviews support local businesses.

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  1. Prepayment for future appointments

If you have the means to do so, offer to prepay for future appointments with your regular service provider. While social distancing keeps you from getting your hair colored, attending music classes, and so on, paying in advance for your next appointment can be of great help to small businesses during this time. Prepayment support local businesses.

  1. Skip the refund and get a rain check

If you have prepaid for an event,  class, or service, consider taking credit for the future rather than asking for a refund. These companies would appreciate not having to issue so many refunds now. Skip refund is a support local businesses.

  1. Show gratitude

Show gratitude

Keep your spirits up by thanking the grocery store, pharmacy, or health worker and truck driver (to name a few) for letting them know that you appreciate their hard work. Thank local businesses or frontline workers for showing your gratitude to support local businesses.

  1. Purchase gift cards to use later

When business at NiagaraontheLake returns to normal, you will return to your favorite local restaurants, shops, and businesses. Buying gift cards online or over the phone for future use is a great way to help now. Contact local companies and ask about available options its support local businesses.

  1. Sign up for local business newsletters

Receiving newsletters from local businesses is a great way to stay up-to-date on offers, products, knowledge, and more.

  1. Shop online locally

Local shops and sellers may have closed their (physical) doors, but many still operate online stores. Look for them on social media or check the company’s website for links to their online marketplace support local businesses.

  1. Order local food for delivery or takeaway

Many restaurants now offer takeaway even when they close their dining rooms. support local businesses or local restaurants by bringing your own food or drink and enjoying it at home.

  1. Contact Small Business Owners

Take a moment to contact small business owners and see what you can do to support them – let’s take care of each other and support small business help. Collaborations can support local businesses.

  1. Publish your favorite local products

Take pictures of your favorite products to buy locally and post them on your social media accounts.

  1. Take Virtual Classes

Take Virtual Classes

People who work in education or professional development find creative ways to transfer their education online. Attend an online fitness class, painting night, or concert with a local small business.

  1. Complete your new workspace

Do you work from home? Deliver your supplies to your doorstep: support local businesses and at the same time make your new workspace more functional. 

  1. Shopping by Phone

Many businesses take orders and payments over the phone, so pick up the phone and make a request to your favorite local retailers, restaurants, and service providers! Some also offer home delivery or pickup. Shopping online is big support local businesses.

  1. Tag friends in posts from your favorite local businesses

This will help local businesses reach future customers and get more exposure.

  1. Plan future trips

Make a list of places and businesses you want to visit in Niagara-on-the-Lake. Share your lists online and plan to go out with friends when it’s safe to do so!

  1. Do not cancel

If you have the means to do so, continue to pay for your membership and subscription even if it has been temporarily suspended. Our local businesses need us more than ever!

  1. Committed to Future Work

While you may not be able to start your current home renovation project, your contractor will appreciate your commitment to future projects. Lake of Bays is home to many qualified builders and experienced crews. 

  1. Share posts from your favorite local businesses

Help your favorite businesses reach a wider audience by liking and sharing their information on social media. 

  1. Adding Photos to a Google Business Listing

According to Google, businesses with photos get 35% more clicks on their websites than businesses without photos. Share your experience by adding your favorite photos of local business support and products to help drive traffic to their website.

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  1. Donate to local nonprofits

Donate online or by phone, now more than ever they need us. Donations support local businesses to grow easily.

That’s how to support small businesses for free and save each other and support your local business also to grow them.


Why support local businesses? Finding ways to supporting small businesses is always important, but the pandemic has shown that it is a pillar of our economy and, in addition to numbers, these shops, restaurants, and offices shape the fabric of our community. One of the many challenges we face as a result of the coronavirus is changing our routines, whether it’s going to the gym or shopping at the boutique, watching a movie, or going out to dinner and drinks with friends  We know we are stronger together, and for good reason. 

Therefore, we encourage you to be a source of support during this unprecedented time. Together, we can really make a difference for small businesses to support and the jobs they create. Fortunately, there is a very simple way to help and support small businesses. Better yet, most definitely it can be done from home. From ordering takeout or delivery to making small donations to benefit workers. 

We know we are stronger together, and because of that, we encourage you to be a source of support during this unprecedented time. Together, we can truly make a difference to help save small businesses and the jobs they create. Fortunately, there are surprisingly simple ways to help and support small businesses. Better yet, most absolutely can be done from home. From ordering takeaway or home delivery to small donations for the benefit of workers.

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