The 10 Best Backdrop Applications for iPhone 14 Series


Is it true or not that you are searching for the best backdrop application for your iPhone 14? All things considered, we got you arranged. This article takes a gander at 10 of the best applications you can introduce today. with great many backdrops, live backdrops, and sound, you’ll be spoilt for decision. We should get everything rolling.

1. Zedge Backdrops

Zedge is one of the main iPhone 14 backdrops. Offering more than backdrops, you get live backdrops, ringtones, warnings and symbols, among others. The most awesome aspect? You get a large number of choices to browse. Whether you need a Christmas, occasion, or winter themed backdrop, Zedge got you covered.


  • Arrives in a lightweight plan.
  • You can introduce NFTs at an expense.
  • Incorporates work of premium craftsmen.

2. Lockd – Lock Screen Backdrops

Assuming need premium lock screen backdrops, consider downloading Lockd. It has great many premium backdrops to browse. The greatest aspect? They include profundity impact permitting you to see notices and time without eye fatigue. The pictures are in 4K, meaning they are of excellent. Additionally, you can utilize the incorporated backdrop application to change the picture effortlessly.

Its highlights include:

  • Backdrops with remarkable profundity impact.
  • Remarkable backdrops ideal for various states of mind and events like gatherings.
  • Enormous assortment of backdrops.
  • Free backdrop application for evolving pictures.
  • Exquisite lock screen topics.

3. Wallcraft – Backdrops

On the off chance that you need great backdrops for your iPhone 14, Wallcraft got you arranged. They have backdrops that fit parallax size, which works on your telephone’s tasteful perspective. You additionally get 4K and HD backdrops for further developed clearness. The greatest aspect? They are continuously transferring backdrops consistently. Accordingly, there’ll be something to mind consistently. 5120x1440p 329 gibbon background.


  • Has an assortment of backdrops drawn by genuine craftsmen.
  • The backdrops are viable with numerous iPhone models.
  • They have many backdrop classifications like workmanship, 3D, theoretical, and occasions.
  • Comes in essential and genius adaptations, contingent upon the sort of backdrop you need.

4. Pixs: HD backdrops and topics

Searching for elective backdrops and topics for your iPhone? All things considered, why not get exceptional backdrops from Pixs. It offers you probably the best backdrops on the lookout. Whether you need nature, vivid, craftsmanship, urban areas, or creature backdrops, Pixs got you covered.


  • It has premium membership so you can get to the best backdrops.
  • It offers a large number of assortments going from occasion to vehicles.
  • Introducing subjects and backdrops is a stroll in the pack.
  • Ideal for iPhone 14 and other late series.
  • Offers its backdrops in Russian and English.

5. Vellum Backdrops

Might it be said that you are fed up with exhausting backdrops? Would you like to enliven your assortment? Provided that this is true, Vellum Backdrops is the go-to put. It manages the cost of you top notch backdrops with various artificial mediums so you can appreciate up to 36 novel backdrops. The most amazing aspect? They transfer new backdrops consistently.


  • They transfer premium backdrops consistently.
  • They likewise transfer new packs after at regular intervals.
  • Downloading and it is allowed to introduce it.
  • It has a hearty burring instrument, so you have some control over how your picture seems to be.
  • Top notch pictures to browse the assortment.

6. Everpix: Cool Backdrops 4K HD

Is it true or not that you are searching for excellent Retina and HD backdrops? Search no more since Everpix got you covered. There are thousands in the event that not great many novel pictures to browse. What’s more, it isn’t just viable with the iPhone yet in addition Macintosh Watch and the iPad. 5120x1440p 329 Bamboo Images: The Perfect Wallpaper for Your Desktop.


  • Great HD backdrops.
  • You get great many free HD, Retina, and 4K backdrops to introduce.
  • There are new exquisite backdrops transferred consistently.
  • You can pick pictures from the numerous classifications they give.
  • You can likewise introduce topics.
  • Permits you to change the backdrop’s size.
  • Comes in week after week, month to month, bi-every year, and every year memberships.

7. Dark Light – Live Backdrops

Do you fancy a dim backdrop? Indeed, why not download the Dark Light backdrop pack. It is viable with the iPhone 14 and other series. An ideal choice for individuals like energized backdrops. What’s more, on account of the profound varieties, your telephone’s screen will return to life.


  • Live backdrops are just viable with iPhones that help 3D Touch.
  • The live backdrops will drain the battery rapidly.
  • It is viable with various iPhone series.
  • Allowed to download and introduce.

8. WOW Pixel – live backdrops

On the off chance that you are searching for basic, yet engaging and bright backdrops, WOW Pixel got you covered. The 8-digit pictures rejuvenate the screen of your iPhone, on account of their interesting movements. Whether you need a furious, blissful, or exhausted liveliness, you will get everything. The most outstanding aspect? You can remember them for your iMessage.


  • Viable with iMessage.
  • Simple to introduce and utilize.
  • Has numerous emoticon to look over.

9. IntoLive – Live Backdrops

Assuming you are searching for backdrop pack that has its video manager, this may be the ideal decision for you. It permits you to make recordings for Shorts, Reels, and TikTok, without leaving the application. The video altering highlight permits you to alter recordings of 9:16 perspective proportion.


  • Accompanies a video proofreader.
  • You can browse many text styles and impacts.
  • There are many ambient sound.
  • It has smooth advances.

10. Kappboom – Live Backdrops

Kappboom backdrops are viable with the iPad, iPhone, Macintosh Watch, and iMessage. The backdrop has been being used beginning around 2009, proceeding to offer top notch pictures. With more than 200,000 wonderful and cool backdrops, you’ll be spoilt for decision.


  • Viable with iMessage.
  • Great pictures with a 2048×2048 goal.
  • Quick and natural route.
  • It has slideshow mode so you can see your #1 pictures.


As may be obvious, there are numerous premium and free backdrops to introduce. All deal great many pictures and live backdrops, with others giving you NFTs, ringtones, and sound bites. Things being what they are, which backdrop will you download to enliven your telephone’s screen? Tell us in the remark area.

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