The Marketing Manager’s Cheatsheet: How to maximize your campaign data on LinkedIn

The Marketing Manager’s Cheatsheet: How to maximize your campaign data on LinkedIn

One of the most useful outcomes of running a LinkedIn ads campaign is the data you are able to accumulate out of it. Why? Because data = learnings = insights. And with data-driven insights you can understand your audience better, make better marketing decisions and ultimately, experience a better ROI on your ad spend. So, how do you get the most out of the data available to you? We’ll teach you. Let’s get started.

1.Pay attention to the right metrics

In order to get helpful insights from your LinkedIn data and become a pro at LinkedIn campaign management, you need to have made a decision as to what your key metrics are. And these need to be aligned to your overall campaign objective. So if you’re running a brand awareness campaign, you probably want to be tracking metrics like impressions, reach and engagement. 

Once you know what the best metrics are for you to achieve your goals, you need to set up your Linkedin dashboard so these stats are easily accessible. One way to do this is to create a custom view within LinkedIn that only consists of your key metrics. Another option is to use a platform like or Data Studio to create a custom dashboard. Once you know where your focus should lay, the rest is easy.

2.Check in regularly 

The second step is to check in on your key metrics regularly. If you are managing various campaigns in your Campaign Manager, this should be a daily occurrence, followed by a more detailed review every week, fortnight or month. 

What should you be checking for? Key insights – so areas where the data is clearly trying to tell you something. Is one brand awareness creative getting much more reach and engagement than the other? Make a mental note of this. If it’s only been a few days, keep this stored in your head but don’t make any decisions yet. Being aware of what is going on in your campaigns is key and that’s why monitoring campaign data is so important.

3.Conduct a more formalized review

After 3-4 weeks, it’s probably time to conduct a more formalised review of your campaign data. See what’s happened to any trends you may have predicted earlier (e.g. the example above of the creative performing better) and notice any other holistic discrepancies / variances in the data which suggest action is required. 

Once you’ve reviewed it all, it’s time to report on your findings, pull out key insights and on the basis of these observations, recommend next steps from an optimisation perspective. This part of the process is extremely important to maximizing your data.  It’s only when you’ve properly analyzed the data you have at your fingertips, that you can make the best decisions for your campaign.

It’s time to put theory into practice

There it is – 3 simple steps to getting the most juice out of your LinkedIn ads. Any time you launch a campaign, you should be following this simple process, and continuing to follow it as you progress down the line. After all, there’s no point running a LinkedIn campaign if you aren’t acting on data.

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