The role of Commercial Rental Property Management Companies in the growth of your property

In the present time, every aware investment time has a real estate property investment in his portfolio. The reasons behind this are they offer a better return, and the resale value is always on the high side. But what about a beginner who wishes to invest in the real estate property sector. Whether he should invest based on his research and market trends? Or should consult an expert in real estate property management. The amount invested in buying any commercial rental real estate property is high, and it requires a considerable amount of search for investing in commercial properties. So, consulting Commercial rental property management like Myre Capital shall help you get the right commercial real estate property.

What is a commercial rental property?

Before we know about commercial rental property, we need to understand what commercial real estate properties are. Commercial real estate properties are those properties that are purchased to generate income or profit or set up commercial space. Investment in commercial real estate properties can be in two ways, either by buying own property or taking on a lease for a longer duration. 

Commercial properties are used as: 

  • Office buildings
  • Medical centers
  • Shopping centers
  • Warehouses
  • Retail stores
  • Hotels, etc.

The role of Commercial rental property management companies

Commercial properties are leased out for an extended period. So, the rental income received from them is stable. Commercial properties have higher rental rates as compared to residential properties. Many real estate investors recommend that investment in commercial properties is a wise choice as its high appreciation value is a source of regular income. Since management of commercial rental real estate property involves time and effort, Commercial Rental Property Management is a must to handle financial and managerial aspects of commercial property. It is a time when there is a need for a Commercial rental property management company that can add value to the investing process and ensure a steady flow of income from the commercial properties. These companies perform both financial and management services to the investors. Following is the work performed by the experts under commercial rental property management:

Rent collection & reconciliation

A commercial rent property management company functions by collecting the monthly rent as per the list and tracking information related to escalations and lease expiration dates. Due to multiple tenants, it can be challenging to track the rent received, so rent roll reconciliation ensures that rent is due or paid to both the landlord and tenants.

Statement of Cash Flows

This statement ensures and tracks the property’s inflow and outflow of cash. It shows the cash inflow and outflow from operating activities, commercial Real Estate Investing activities, and financing activities.

Variance analysis

Comparing the actual figures with the outlined budget is essential in managing rental properties. Comparing the actual monthly and yearly financials to the budget helps to know the difference in the values. Knowing this variance helped the owner to perform the property on a monthly & yearly basis. It also supports accomplishing the forecasted future cash flow.

Preparing Income statement and Balance sheet

The commercial rental property management company prepares the income statement to track the income and expenses incurred by the landlord. A balance sheet depicts the assets and liabilities, and these statements show the financial performance of the rental property.

Streamlined Commercial Rental Property Management is essential to ensure income growth and achieve the financial objective. An investor can earn a higher return when experts manage his commercial rental property effectively. If you want to sit back and relax while your commercial rental property is in the hands of experts, trust no one other than Myre Capital.


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