The top 5 embroidery machine accessories of all time

Machine embroiderers, brace yourselves! Here are the top 5 machine embroidery accessories of all time.

It’s finally time to unveil our five all-time favourite machine embroidery accessories. Practically anything is possible with these tools! While there are a plethora of useful embroidery tools to pick from, we’ve whittled it down to the top five to help you get started on your dream embroidered collection. So, let’s take a look at what these must-have accessories can do and see which one best meets your demands.

8-in-1 hoop set

Number one is a must-have for any machine embroiderer’s toolkit. Embroidering knit materials usually cause the fabric to bunch up around the embroidered design since the material likes to stretch when hooped. Although we couldn’t live without everything else on our list, the 8-in-1 hoop set will give you the most bang for your buck.


While we appreciate its versatility, these hoops also help to prevent puckering and other machine embroidery difficulties. When you use the 8-in-1 hoop to float your material, you may keep the material’s original qualities and get the best embroidered results.


This kit includes one master bracket and eight different-sized specialty hoops, allowing you to embroider on a variety of materials. This makes it simple to embroider difficult-to-hoop things and small sections like pockets, sleeves, cuffs, and baby clothing. These hoops are great because you can use an adhesive stabiliser to “float” the cloth over the hoop instead of hooping it normally. You can also embroider on the back and sides of the caps with the embroidery hoops included in the kit.

Robot Frame

Without this specialised gear, shoe stitching can be difficult, if not impossible. The Robot Frame has earned a place on this list as a result of this. This frame comprises a lever that clamps down the material to embroider all types of products for less than half the price, such as shoes, bags, and boots. The Robot Frame is made up of two adjustable clamps that can grab a firm grip on oddly shaped items during the embroidery process.


It is a must-have if you wish to provide expert shoe embroidery digitizing services. In fact, except for its sister product, the Manual Robot Frame, there is nothing else like it on the market.

Mighty Hoops

Mighty Hoops are in a very close second place. Some embroiderers are so fond of these hoops that they employ them to speed up production on everyday products like polos and towels.  Because these materials are more prone to hoop burns, Mighty Hoops can save you a lot of effort when it comes to removing hoop marks. These powerful hoops act like conventional hoops, except they latch together instantaneously when they encounter, making them ideal for embroidering thick textiles.


They hoop the material themselves, in fact. These hoops are as powerful as their name suggests! You’ll undoubtedly argue that these powerful hoops deserve to be number one if you own them.


These hoops, which come in a variety of sizes, will make your job a lot easier if you plan on embroidering thick and delicate textiles like satin, purses, coats, and more.

Gen2 Cap frame

Anyone who has utilised the Gen2 Cap Frame will most likely rank it first in their hearts. The open part of the frame of the Gen 2 allows you to effortlessly work with problematic headwear like visors. While regular cap embroidery hoops can be used to make cap embroidery, the Gen2 cap frame provides a unique possibility for those who are serious about embroidering hats.


When it comes to embroidering particular caps, regular cap embroidery hoops are also limited. This hoop expands the stitching space so you can go closer to the bill without having to worry about needle or thread breaks. The Gen2 hoops cap faster and easier than standard hoops, thanks to clips that hold the stabiliser in place during the hooping process. This makes it ideal for firms who aim to specialise in caps.


The Hoopmaster is ideal for people who struggle with design positioning and need to produce large quantities of uniforms in a timely manner. This device is created specifically for your hoops and may be ordered with either normal or Mighty Hoops, depending on which hoop you want to use the most.


The Hoopmaster will undoubtedly cut the time it takes to complete bulk orders and keep your production flowing if you’re searching for quick and easy design positioning and hooping. Embroiderers utilise the Hoopmaster’s placement recommendations to determine where their designs should be placed based on the shirt and hoop size. This is all you need to know about top five machine embroidery accessories. If you still have any questions about the topic or anything related to digitizing designs, feel free to contact us.

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