Top 5 locations to find a fancy shape Wedding ring in London, UK

A wedding is a super special event for the couple. Family and friends are also excited when a couple decides to do forever together. But whenever one thinks of a wedding, the first thing that comes to mind is the proposal and then the wedding ring. Some may choose to pick a traditional wedding ring, and others may want something that looks a little more fancy. It depends on each person’s choice. Here are some of the best locations in London where you can find unique wedding rings.

Designer boutique stores

Some of the best places to checkout fancy and unique weddings rings is in a designer boutique store. Jewellery designers have set up their own stores and you can either order a ring or see a pre-designed ring. For contemporary designs visit designers like Katrina Banks who use sustainable materials for wedding bands. Known for chunky heart-shaped rings, this designer has truly fine designs that you will love. Jessie Thomas, Emma Franklin and Phoebe Coleman are designers that are well known in London.

Branded jewellers

Branded jewellers have made a name for themselves through excellent products and services. Taylor and Hart, Reve Diamonds and London Diamonds are some examples of branded and well-known jewellers.  Customers can get involved in the customization of jewellery right from designing and creation. Delivery, returns, resizing, rush orders, special diamond inventories, guarantee, returns and finance plans are some of the special services that are offered by these big brands. Plus, you can choose a ring or have one designed as you like from these retailers. These jewellers also carry unique stones and often provide fancy design options to customers. If you are looking for something out of the box, then a reputed seller will have what you need.

Diamond Merchants

Diamond merchants deal specifically in stones, but they can also help you with special ring designs. They often have designers, craftsmen and advisors working with them. So, if you know any diamond merchants, then ask them for advice and they may help you create aspecial ring or sell you something that they already have.

Diamond markets

The one advantage that diamond markets have is that there are multiple sellers who will offer good designs with great deals. You get the best in terms of price and quality due to multiple shops in the area. For example, Hatton Garden in London, is a good place for all types of diamond jewellery. If you are looking for a diamond wedding ring, in fancy and unique shapes then do try this location. They have specialized jewellery pieces too, like a diamond tennis bracelet and more.

Exclusive websites

There are exclusive jewellery websites as well that sell gems and jewellery. These websites have huge catalogues for various jewellery pieces. Rings, earrings, bracelets – everything in one place. You just need to take time and browse through to get the fancy ring that you want. Check your size and order it online. You may also get free shipping. Using the right search keywords is essential. For example, Diamond Tennis Bracelet Hatton Garden will show you the shops in the area that sell tennis bracelets and lead you to the right websites.

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