Top Most Liked Burgers in the World and Their Packaging Techniques

The hamburger is a dish that has been around for centuries and was first mentioned in the United States of America. It is one of the most popular dishes in the world, and we all have our favorites. I want to share with you today some of my favorite burgers from around the world and how they package them differently. Some are creative, while others are just different than what we’re used to seeing here in North America but still delicious!

We all love a good burger, and as such, we’ve created this list to show you the top burgers in the world and what packaging techniques they use. From using customized cardboard boxes to sell their food to adding personal touches like stickers or hand-drawn illustrations on their packaging, here are some of our favorite ways fast food companies market themselves and make us want their product more. Remember that consumers have ranked these brands, so they must be pretty good too!

The use of natural Kraft burger boxes is a popular trend among companies that want to offer their customers the best possible experience. There are many benefits associated with using these boxes, including being more environmentally friendly and safer for food storage. Natural Kraft also offers greater flexibility in design, which allows businesses to create packaging that meets their needs. In addition, the ability to customize your packaging comes at an affordable price, meaning there’s no reason not to try it out!

What is a burger:

Burger falls in the fast-food category and is one of the most famous for its taste and varieties. The burger is a sandwich usually consisting of either beef or pork, and sometimes chicken and fish. It was called “Burger” because it has a layer of meat between the two pieces of bread. The texture is crusty. However, they believe this because people think that they burn mean inside.

Burger box:

There are so many types of boxes available, but burger box plays a vital role as it has unique requirements for transport and display compared with other products such as dairy & juice. In addition, its unique shape makes it different from all other product categories. This type of packaging consists of seven sides instead of six sides like standard boxes because space is needed for fries and sauce to go at the bottom.

The top 10 most liked burgers in the world and their packaging techniques:

The most liked burgers in the world are written below:


Whopper is fast food restaurant that has been spread in more than 100 countries. However, Burger King is the parent company of this brand. Burger King firstly introduced a whopper in 1957, and now they have a variety of sandwiches on their menu. Its packaging technique contains a combination of die-cut handles.

Besides, they use a 3D plastic tray to make it more attractive and durable with good color contrast and branding. Furthermore, that’s why the franchisees find the product easy to recognize. It also contains a user-friendly tab opening system. However, we can open boxes easily without any hustle bustle even by kids. Furthermore, whoppers sell more as compare to other burgers from its competitors.

Big Mac:

This burger is also very famous among its fans. Its packaging technique is effortless but attractive with a perfect combination of color contrast. Big Mac’s package contains a straw hole so that drink doesn’t spill by the side. Furthermore, it also has a user-friendly tab opening system compared to the top burgers in the world.

McDonald’s chicken nuggets:

Every franchisee wants their product to be recognized easily. So McDonald launched this product which contains an attractive and standard packaging technique that we can organize among all other menu items of Mcdonald’s. Furthermore, there are small size holes containing drinks. It has a bright red background which makes it more prominent with a 3D handle makes it easy to grab by kids easily without any hustle-bustle.

Why do people love burgers so much?

One of the reasons that a lot of people love burgers is because they’re so delicious. But another reason is that there are so many different types of burgers you can make yourself. There are juicy cheeseburgers, veggie burgers, black bean burgers – even chocolate and bacon have been used as burger ingredients. And you can create your own too – like this Barbie Burger (see below), which is made of salmon, cream cheese, and red pepper!

Attractive Component:

The food item contains an attractive component that is its packaging technique. This method makes it more distinct from other components of the product. Furthermore, small holes containing drinks tend to make them easily accessible among all others present in the global market. In addition, there is a bright red background attached to the product. This makes it different from all other products. Moreover, the 3D handle makes it easy to grab by kids without any difficulty.

How to make your burger at home:

There are many ways to make a burger. You can either go with the classic patty or try something different like shawarma or gyro!


The classic patty includes ground beef, bread crumbs, salt, and pepper. But before adding the seasoning to the meat, make sure it’s not more than 50% lean, or it will dry out during cooking. Then, add some bbq sauce or ketchup for that extra kick!

Importance of natural Kraft paperboard for burger packaging:

The natural Kraft paperboard is the ideal material for many reasons. First, its porous texture makes it breathable to accommodate freshness in food packaging. Second, it’s also recyclable and biodegradable, so you don’t have to worry about nature. Third, Kraft paper is rigid enough to handle any weight and very good for your health.


The food industry is always looking for ways to make sure that its products are safe and healthy. One way they do this is by using custom printed craft paper packaging box. Furthermore, Kraft allows them the opportunity to show off what’s inside. Kraft paper provides a protective barrier against moisture, oxygen exposure, and light degradation. If you want your food to be delicious when it arrives at someone’s plate, talk with our team about how we can help.


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