Touring British Columbia in the Fall

British Columbia

British Columbia is a hot spot everyone should visit if they have the chance!  This massive province has everything from skiing to enjoying fresh foods and gorgeous views. So if you’re considering traveling to the area and don’t have any ideas for what to do while you’re here: these are the top things to do in British Columbia in the autumn!  

Enjoying the Fun in Vancouver

Vancouver comes alive in the fall.  Not only are there fun autumn festivals and fantastic cultural events: but there are also dozens of exciting pop-up shops and performances you can’t find anywhere else.

Surrounded by water and mountains, you get to take in the views as the leaves turn color while still getting to enjoy the warmth from the Pacific Ocean for as long as possible.  Although vacationing in Vancouver can be pricey, it’s worth it for everything you can do while you’re here.

Taking in the Sights in Whistler

If you’re already visiting Vancouver: it’s a must that you should drive out to Whistler for at least a day!  In the autumn, when the mountains turn gorgeous shades of gold and red, and the snow hasn’t struck yet: this city is at its most beautiful.

Visiting during this slow season, when there are fewer tourists and more activities available, don’t be surprised if you start entertaining the idea of looking for Whistler homes for sale.  There’s plenty of real estate here, and you won’t be alone in wanting to make a piece of it yours.

Enjoying Driving Along the Coastline

There’s nothing as fun as a drive along the coastline: but it becomes even better in the autumn.  The coasts of British Columbia are world-famous for how gorgeous they are and the amount of greenery and national parkland that surrounds it.

Driving along this coastline can be peaceful and make the transition from summer into winter feel more gradual. Even if you’re making the drive to get to Victoria from Vancouver, it’s worth the travel.

Fantastic Food All-Around

If you’ve never had fresh seafood, or you’ve never been camping in the fall:, there are a lot of flavors in British Columbia you have to try!  From fantastic fresh-caught fish to delicious fire-roasted veggies and meats, you can enjoy the harvest season in ways that no other part of the country gets to.

British Columbia is one of the best places to grow mushrooms, nuts, and tons of other autumn crops that all come available simultaneously.  Consider asking around if you can go apple picking on local orchards and enjoy some fresh cider made from your day’s work.

Breathtaking Views in Victoria

Victoria is a sweet artist community on the southern tip of this province, and it offers so much to anyone who wants to live creatively but isn’t sure where to start.

Although it’s expensive to live here, visiting can be incredibly affordable as long as you don’t go wild and allow yourself to buy every piece of art that speaks to you.  In the autumn, this area takes on a different feeling, and you won’t want to leave once you arrive.

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