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The depressing Disney cartoon characters aren’t guaranteed an Happily Ever After and they’re not as adorable in the same way as Mickey Mouse or a Disney Princess.

The most ugly Disney Cartoon Characters typically are the ones that get the short end the stick, even if they’re not the most prominent villains on screen in Disney animation films. However, the ugly Disney characters don’t have to be the ones that marry Prince Charming.

Every Disney film features a group of decrepit Disney animated characters. Some are funny or caring and others are heroic and brave. The fact that someone looks unattractive doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re ugly inside.

Many believe that beauty goes far beyond superficial beauty and there are a lot of things to admire about a Disney cartoon characters even if they’re considered to be a ugly cartoon by the exterior.

If you are ever looking at ugly Disney character cartoons, be sure that you do not ignore their talent and positive traits.

Ursula A. The Little Mermaid

From the moment she’s been talked about, we can see this is because she’s an ocean goddess. The typical cartoon character of a witch isn’t a model for beauty They’re not Disney Princesses. If we get to meet Ursula in her role as witch, we’re greeted by heavy-set, and over-the-top makeup. Prince Eric is of the same opinion.

Queen of Hearts- Alice in Wonderland

The queen of Hearts is a character that who we see many times throughout the movie. When we get a close glance at her, we are able to see a brunette-faced, red-faced woman. She is like the animated Miss Trunchbull, but with an emerald crown. Cartoon Characters With Dreads.

Drizella Tremaine and Anastasia Tremaine – Cinderella

Drizella Tremaine, wearing green and Anastasia Tremaine in purple, two step-sisters from around the world, gave them an undeserved bad name. Teenagers should steer clear of their bad behavior. These female characters have large foot, however they also have big mouths too.

They continually make fun of Cinderella even that they tear apart the dress she planned to wear to a party because of jealousy. One of the most embarrassing aspects of two of the unattractive Disney cartoon character is how they conduct themselves , their personality and their hatred of Cinderella.

Scar The Lion King

Scar is the less fortunate sibling of Mufasa. He will do everything to secure his fair share in the kingdom and all the rights that he deserves. Scar is the supreme ruler of the pride land , and there are hyenas. The hyenas are villains who are looking to take on Lions. Thus, they band together.

Hyenas and Scar make up a covert plan to take down Mufasa and become the national hero of the land. The Lion King is one of Walt Disney Pictures’ highest-earning films.

Yzma the Emperors New Groove

Yzma is the most enjoyable cartoon character who is likely to make it onto this list. Contrary to The Queen of Hearts and Ursula, Yzma is skinny and frail, and she is bald and thin.

She’s not attractive or sought-after in a romantic fashion. In the Emperor’s New Groove is one of the numerous Disney films included in the series and it’s filled with amazing villains and unlovely characters.

Quasimodo – Hunchback of Notre Dame

Quasimodo is among the most charming and disgusting Disney characters you’ll ever meet. He’s extremely compassionate and strives to be a nice human being, however, it’s the fact that he suffers from an injury to his back creates an unattractive stomach. Though some consider him not attractive, he’s one of the films’ most loved characters.

Edna Mode – The Incredibles

Edna will be the most tough-love kind of woman you’ve encountered in your life. She’s a fierce and demanding character. The most ugly duckling of the movie, as well as the Disney cartoon character makes us laugh in the movies The Incredibles and the Incredibles 2!

Her style of dressing may not always be the most elegant, but she does wear extravagant clothing and glasses.

Phil Hercules Hercules

It’s called a goat. He’s petite, a little big and has a very fierce personality. It’s the only thing that Hercules is able to accept his angry rants.

Mother Gothel Tangled

Mother Gothel In her real appearance, is an older woman aged skin, and fine silver hair. The age she is at actually hundreds of years old . she’s unable to continue living her life with the help in Rapunzel’s golden locks.

Mother Gothel is very selfish and uses her acting abilities to manipulate Rapunzel to get what she wants.

Jafar – Aladdin

Jafar belongs to the group that is known to have an a huge superiority complex. After many failed endeavors, Jafar couldn’t convince the Princess Jasmine to tie the knot by virtue of his own character.

However, more than Jasmine, Jafar realizes he is seeking supreme power and control. The insatiable desire for power will eventually be his downfall. Jafar is one of the most enjoyable cartoon characters to cheer for.

The Fates The Fates Hercules

The majority of people don’t consider The Fates to be villains. They’re three gods that are working for their cause and aren’t generally thought of as villains.

It doesn’t mean that they’re horrible cartoon characters. Three of them have one eye, which can look into the future. Additionally, their hair is strenuous and pointed, long noses.

Roz – Monsters Inc

Roz is one of the most well-known unattractive Disney animated characters. Her voice is distinctive that people hear when they share her memes through social media. Roz looks like a grumpy rodent sporting a red clothes sharp glasses, sharp eyes as well as gray hair that’s spiked.

The Hag – Snow White

Also known as the Evil Queen. Also known as the Evil. Also known as the Evil. Also known as the Evil Queen. Hage is her costume that she decides for her costume to make Snow White to believe she is a harmless stranger. The Hage is an older woman who’s lost her teeth. She sits on her stomach with wrinkled eyes and hair that is blonde.

The witches’ tricks are powerful. Snow White is easily fooled because of her huge heart and the determination to aid others.

Randall”Randall ” Monsters Inc

Randall is the primary adversary for Mike or Sully from the Pixar film Monsters Inc. The Monsters Inc. series of film films, Randall always fights for the title of the best thriller, regardless of what it requires. Ugly cartoon characters.

It is one of Randall’s top priorities. Randall is a mysterious purple chameleon who regularly alters his appearance in order to appear more intimidating or smart.

Ugo – Luca

Ugo is father to Luca who is located in the most abysmal parts that lie in the middle of ocean. There, Ugo tries to get Luca to be a part of his mother due to her desires. It is possible to look at the torso area to see the organs. Ugo is also a sharp-toothed person who can make children nervous.

Smee – Peter Pan

Smee is the comic relief character in Peter Pan. He is Captain Hook’s partner in the crime. He’s small, overweight and has started to get bald. Smee is your standard middle-aged cartoon character , who’s generally bad, but might turn out to be a nice man in the near future.

It’s a pity that Tinker Bell can’t use her magic to make Smee a powerful and dark Prince.

LeFou The LeFou Beauty and The Beast

LeFou is Gaston’s reliable however a bit snarky the best friend. LeFou isn’t a person who should be considered a serious person. He’s extremely faithful toward Gaston and is prepared to do whatever it takes to keep his good side.

He is a petite and large frame, and has a a gap between the front of his teeth and his messy, brown hair.

Jumbo – Lilo and Stitch

Jumbo was an extraterrestrial that created Stitch in the film Lilo and Stitch. Most people do not know about this sexy Disney cartoon character because of it being the case that Jumbo was modelled on an hippo, which is the reason he has huge arms and legs! If he wanders off, he is sent back to earth to find him.

The Seven Dwarfs – Snow White

There are some who believe that certain people believe it’s a myth that Seven Dwarfs are ugly, but certain Disney enthusiasts believe that it’s a blessing that the Seven Dwarfs are adorable. They’re a bunch of disjointed characters, each with its unique characteristics.

Their names reflect of their individual personalities, such as Grumpy, Sneezy, Dopey, Sleepy, Doc, Bashful and Happy. Take a look at The Seven Dwarfs at Disney World and make your own decision.

Forky Toy Story 4

Forky is a game created from scratch and sand by Bonnie. She created an spork’s body, as well as popsicle sticks that form his legs, which are held by gum and pipe cleaners colored red to make his wavy arms.

Forky is different from all the toys. He’s not sure if will be able to make an impression. He makes attempts to escape but Woody won’t let him go since Bonnie is her new favorite toy. Then, he realizes that the place he’s in is exactly where he’d like to be.

Madame Medusa – The Rescuers

Madusa uses Penny at an orphanage to search for diamonds because the girl’s body is not large enough to fit into small spaces like caves.

Madame Madusa is a grayish-light purple skin with bright, long hair and green eyes.

Cruella De Vil – 101 Dalmatians

Cruell De Vil a well-known villain who is incredibly thin, with short, half-black, and white hair. Also, she smokes often, which is an unsavory way of life. Cruella is among the most disliked Disney villains because of her ugly appearance as well as her brutality towards puppies.

Have you heard of any other unattractive Disney cartoon characters, or comic couples? These are the ugly Disney cartoon character that stood out among the others in a non-glamorous way. They didn’t have the style in their families.

A Disney film is nothing without the cartoon characters that are ugly. If you’re looking to see more of your most loved animated characters , head over to the Cartoon characters page. Also check out these top 100 animation films.

Popular Ugly Disney Characters Questions

The most famous and sexiest Disney Character?

The most rude Disney cartoon character Grumpy Dwarf in the animation movie Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Grumpy is true to his name, and is always rude and angry even when people try for him to be happy.

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