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The packaging and folding industry is filling with thousands of options for coating types that can use for product boxes. In addition, the kind of coating used differs from product to product. The abundance of information can be overwhelming for new newly owned businesses and entrepreneurs.

Why are print coatings essential? Print coatings on your product box packaging not only make your product unique but also maximize durability as well. It also provides the much-needed limelight to the respected product.

You may be overwhelmed by the numerous options available in the market to choose from. This includes standard quality to advanced quality ones to choose from; any can apply to different kinds of packaging. If you’re overwhelmed with the information, then this article is here to help you out. The type of coating you use depends on the product, its material, the design, etc. All these factors need to be considered before opting for a specific kind of coating.

Here are some tips that will help you understand the kind of coating that you can use for your product box packaging.


This one is a popular kind of coating that is available in the market. It provides a clean finish to paper board product boxes. In addition, lamination offers other advantages, such as protecting the product from moisture, especially in cases where the product has to stay in storage before it is delivered. However, this option can be expensive in comparison to other available options.

This is used for various products, even for the luxury impact like in cosmetics, perfume boxes, and gift boxes. This lamination of packaging boxes will add more value to the existing packaging box.

Matte Lamination:

This is recommended for high-end products or luxury products. Luxury brands often want a specific type of coating on the packaging of their products. It needs to be elegant as well as classy. Matte lamination does exactly that. If you add foil stamping or embossing on your product boxes, then matte lamination is the right coating.

Adding mate lamination onto packaging is a great choice to upgrade the custom boxes’ overall look instantly. It gives a natural, less, shiny and more elegant look. Most of the brands are using this for their packaging.

Aqueous Coating:

This is the kind of coating that is ideal for perishable items such as food and beverages. Aqueous protects various product boxes wholesale providing a gloss finish that prevents dirt and fingerprints. It is not only cost-effective but also one of the best solutions to your packaging needs.

This water-based coating has a fast dry capability, giving a shiny, yet soft finish to the cardboard or packaging. It can also provide a high gloss mainly finishing likely used on boxes, subscription boxes, etc. it is eco-friendly and affordable.

Ultraviolet Coating:

The name also knows ultraviolent coatings of UV coatings. These are quite budget-friendly in comparison to lamination. UV coatings protect packaging boxes in the UK by providing a glossy-like finish. They are liquid-based, this liquid dries when exposed to ultraviolet radiation giving a glossy finish and scratch-proof performance.

UV coatings are also eco-friendlier and perfect for products such as catalogs, business cards, etc. Moreover, it is a fantastic way to have your logo stand out on your product, specifically good for packaging applications.


Preferable for those who have a tight budget. This type of coating is thin in texture and is used mainly to protect the product and for its presentation. Moreover, they have certain ink styles that include glossy, matte, dull, and satin.

This type of coating is effective for product boxes in the UK that may use for transportation and do not require expensive coating. The material itself of the product is strong enough to protect the product from inside. Therefore expensive layer is not needed. However, this perspective is slowly changing as unboxing has become a customer experience. Businesses are now spending millions on adding design and color so that they can grab any market opportunity that comes their way.


The information on what coatings are and their different types can be overwhelming if you are unfamiliar with the terminology. However, there are specific basic options to choose from. In addition, there are some low-cost options such as UV coating and Varnish. On the other hand, there are also options available for high-end brands looking for something sophisticated and classy. Matte lamination can do the job for them. It gives an elegant glossy finish. Before making any decision, businesses need first to decide their budget, what their objective is, and who their audience is, only then decide the kind of coating they require.


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